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Laser Cooling and Trapping Group

Generating Solitons by
Phase Engineering a Bose-Einstein Condensate

Technical Paper (available at SCIENCE Online):
J. Denschlag, et al., Science 287, 97 (2000).
Abstract     Full text
Experimental and theoretical images of the integrated BEC density

A Well-collimated
Quasi-continuous Atom Laser

The NIST Press Release

A General Introduction to the Atom Laser

A Brief Technical Description

continuous atom laser beam
Technical Papers:
(PDF documents readable with free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
Atom Laser paper [PDF 655 kB], E.W. Hagley, et al., Science 283, 1706 (1999).
Bragg Diffraction paper [PDF 318 kB], M. Kozuma, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 871 (1999).

Four-wave Mixing of Matter Waves

Non-Linear Optics with Matter Waves

Technical Paper:
(PDF documents readable with free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
Four-wave Mixing paper [PDF 68 kB],
L. Deng, et al., Nature 398, 218 (1999).
four-wave mixing of matter waves

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