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This is a very simple file from a 256-channel spectroscopic analyzer (MCA).

Note that:
  • The leading < xml > element and namespace information present in the other examples is not present. These items are strongly recommended but are not absolutely required; note that the file cannot be validated without this information.
  • There is some optional information in this example: all the time information (<StartTime>, <LiveTime>, and <RealTime> elements) and the energy calibration (the <Calibration> element and everything in it) could be omitted if the data was not available. These data are required if available.
  • The indented formatting is purely for readability and is not required. Line breaks are not required, and there is no limit to line length - the entire file could be represented on a single line.
  • All numeric values, including channel data, can be in either integer or floating point representation.
  • The data were acquired beginning November 10, 2003, at 11:45:19 P.M. The real time is 60 seconds, and the live time is 59.61 seconds. If time zone information is known, it is required. For example, if the zone is Mountain Standard Time, the start time would be written as 2003-11-22T23:45:19-07:00 instead.
  • The energy calibration is quadratic. Only the first two coefficients would appear for a linear calibration having an offset of -21.84 keV and a gain of 12.105214 keV/channel.
Simple Spectrometer Example File