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Joshua M. Pomeroy

Josh Pomeroy


National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8421
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8421

Voice: 301-975-5508
FAX: 301-975-5485


Ph.D. 2002, Physics, Cornell University
Advisors: Prof. Joel D. Brock and Prof. Barbara Cooper

M.S. 2000, Physics, Cornell University

B.A. 1997, Physics, Boston University
Advisors: Bennett Goldberg and Selim Unlu

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Professional Employment:

June, 2003 - Present     Physicist, Plasma Radiation Group
Atomic Physics Division, NIST
September - November 2004 Acting Group Leader, Plasma Radiation Group
August 2002 - June 2003 Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory
Materials Science and Technology Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Active Research Efforts

Previous Research

Selected Publications

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