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Accelerator Radiation Physics

Medium-energy accelerators are under investigation for production of channeling radiation and coherent bremsstrahlung. These experiments require tight controls on beam parameters (beam energy, current, emittance, spot size). Radiation physicists from universities, other federal laboratories, and companies in the Washington, DC area are participating in early work at the MIRF to construct and characterize a beam-line for use in accelerator physics studies. The completed MIRF accelerator physics beam line will offer unique opportunities for studies in surface science, microlithography, and medical diagnostics.

Further Information:

To schedule accelerator time or to discuss possible experiments, contact:
Fred B. Bateman
100 Bureau Drive - Stop 8460
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8460
Phone (301) 975-5580
FAX (301) 869-7682

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