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Industrial Applications

The MIRF also offers unique opportunities for industrial research and a number of companies and consortia are planning accelerator irradiations. A high- intensity beam line has been constructed that provides dose rates as high as kilogray per second. High dose applications of accelerators include polymer curing, radiation sterilization of products, disinfection of wastes, and hardness testing of electronics. The MIRF is available for proprietary use by industry in developing new applications, and is particularly useful where flexibility is needed in selecting beam energy, spot size, and processing rates. It can also be used to test real-time dosimetry systems for use in industry. Other unique capabilities of the NIST laboratories are available for industrial researchers. These include state of the art dosimetry systems (ionometric, radiochromic, EPR) as well as theoretical dosimetry expertise to aid in experiment design and optimization.

Further Information:

To schedule accelerator time or to discuss possible experiments, contact:

Dr. Fred B. Bateman
100 Bureau Drive - Stop 8460
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8460
Phone (301) 975-5580
FAX (301) 869-7682
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