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Medical Applications

Medical linacs are used for treating 500,000 cancer patients annually in 1325 treatment facilities in the United States. The Sagattaire linac used in the MIRF is designed for electron beams with energies from 7 MeV to 32 MeV, in increments of 3 MeV. It is also equipped with a target for 25 MeV bremsstrahlung. The medical dosimetry applications of the MIRF relate to development and testing of instruments and dosimetry systems for use in the clinical facilities. These dosimetry systems include traditional ionization chambers and calorimeters, and also passive dosimeters using radiochromic film, electron paramagnetic resonance, and thermoluminescent detectors.
Contact: Dr. Bert M. Coursey
(301) 975-5524

Further Information:

To schedule accelerator time or to discuss possible experiments, contact:

Dr. Fred B. Bateman
100 Bureau Drive - Stop 8460
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8460
Phone (301) 975-5580
FAX (301) 869-7682
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