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Medical-Industrial Radiation Facility

The Medical-Industrial Radiation Facility (MIRF) located in the Ionizing Radiation Division of the NIST Physics Laboratory is a user facility for the medical and industrial radiation communities. The MIRF is based on a re-configured rf-powered, traveling-wave electron linac donated by the Radiation Therapy Center of Yale University-New Haven Hospital. The accelerator provides electron energies from 7 MeV to 32 MeV at an average beam current of up to 0.1 mA. In addition, bremsstrahlung generated photon beams are also provided by the bombardment of suitable targets.

MIRF Facility
1   Two-stage traveling-wave rf linac
2   Collimator head for medical treatment beam
3   380 V motor generator to convert to 50 Hz
4   8 MW Klystron and waveguide for 3000 MHz rf
5   Water cooling system
6   Operator's console and data acquisition system

    Medical Applications
  • Absorbed dose measurements
  • Real-time sensor development
  • Benchmark measurements for shielding
    Industrial Applications
  • Electron-beam curing
  • Radiation hardness testing
  • Electron-beam sterilization
  • Beam diagnostics
  • Industrial CT scanning
    Environmental Applications
  • Municipal waste sterilization
  • Hazardous compound degradation
MIRF Schematic
MIRF Schematic

Machine Parameters

  • Electron energy 7 MeV to 32 MeV
  • Photon energy 25 MeV
  • Electron pulse width 6 µs
  • Average electron current 100 µA
  • Repetition rate 100 s-1

Further Information:

To schedule accelerator time or to discuss possible experiments, contact:

Dr. Fred B. Bateman
100 Bureau Drive - Stop 8460
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8460
Phone (301) 975-5580
FAX (301) 869-7682

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