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NIST Tech Beat - Physical Measurement Laboratory News
This page highlights articles about the Physical Measurement Laboratory in NIST Tech Beat. Also see PML News Releases.
2013 Topic Title
June 11 Hall First Observation of Spin Hall Effect in a Quantum Gas Is Step Toward 'Atomtronics'
May 28 WMD Happy World Metrology Day!!
Rank NIST Scientists Win 2014 Rank Prizes for Chip-Scale Atomic Clock
May 14 Atmosphere Innovation in Spectroscopy Could Improve Greenhouse Gas Detection
Flemming Five at NIST Honored with Flemming Awards
April 30 Time NIST Demonstrates Transfer of Ultraprecise Time Signals over a Wireless Optical Channel
MEMS New NIST Measurement Tool Is On Target for the Fast-Growing MEMS Industry
Dehmer Dehmer to Head NIST Physical Measurement Lab
Academy NIST Scientists Wineland and Nesbitt Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
April 17 Nanotubes Super-Nanotubes: 'Remarkable' Spray-on Coating Combines Carbon Nanotubes with Ceramic
Subway NIST Tests in New York City Suggest How to Improve Emergency Radio Communications
April 3 Vapor Don't Call it Vaporware: Scientists Use Cloud of Atoms as Optical Memory Device
South Pole NIST Goes to the End of the Earth for Measurement Science
March 20 Pointer NIST Tests Underscore Potential Hazards of Green Laser Pointers
Drum NIST Mechanical Micro-Drum Used as Quantum Memory
Spin New NIST Microscope Measures Nanomagnet Property Vital to 'Spintronics'
March 5 Refrigerator NIST Quantum Refrigerator Offers Extreme Cooling and Convenience
WWVB New NIST Time Code to Boost Reception for Radio-Controlled Clocks
Measures In High Gear: Weights and Measures Week 2013
Nanopore Temp-Controlled "Nanopores" May Allow Detailed Blood Analysis
Nanoelectronics Nanoelectronics Conference Will Focus on Semiconductor Industry's Future
January 24 Radiometer NIST's 'Nanotubes on a Chip' May Simplify Optical Power Measurements
PMG NIST Accepting Proposals for Fundamental Measurement Grants
January 8 Cooling JILA Physicists Achieve Elusive 'Evaporative Cooling' of Molecules
Limit 'Standard Quantum Limit' Smashed, Could Mean Better Fiber-Optic Comms
Nanopore NIST Patent Could Give 'Lab on a Chip' Technology Long Shelf Life
SURF Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates at NIST
Patents The Year in Patents
Stories NIST Contributes to Top Science Stories of 2012
2012 Topic Title
December 12 APS NIST's Liddle, Spielman Elected APS Fellows
Remley NIST Engineer Remley Named IEEE Fellow
Martzloff Martzloff Cited for Lifetime Achievement by IEEE Standards Association
November 27 EBIT NIST Experiments Challenge Fundamental Understanding of Electromagnetism
JILA Construction Industry Honors JILA X-Wing
October 31 Bus Princeton/NIST Collaboration Puts Wheels on the Quantum Bus
Jin Deborah Jin of JILA Selected for 2013 Women in Science Award
October 16 Nobel NIST Researcher David Wineland Wins 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics
NRI NRI to Lead New Five-Year Effort to Develop Post-CMOS Electronics
MEMS New Method Measures Movements of Tiny Devices-At Every Step
October 2 DNA NIST, Columbia Engineering Collaborate on Inexpensive DNA Sequencing Method
September 18 Taylor Jacob Taylor, NIST Physicist, Receives Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for Public Service
September 5 Hybrid NIST 'Hybrid Metrology' Method Could Improve Computer Chips
Curiosity Mars Robot, Curiosity, Tethered to NIST Measurements
August 8 Casing Shelling Out Evidence: NIST Ballistic Standard Helps Tie Guns to Criminals
Ions NIST's Speedy Ions Could Add Zip to Quantum Computers
opamp Seeing the Light with NIST's New Noiseless Optical Amplifier
LOC NIST Focuses on Testing Standards to Support Lab on a Chip Commercialization
Flemming Four at NIST Honored with Flemming Awards
July 25 Solar NIST Measurement Advance Could Speed Innovation in Solar Devices
July 11 JILA JILA Named "Physics Historic Site" on its 50th Anniversary
June 27 Olympics NIST Goes the Distance for the Olympics
Drums "Tuning"Graphene Drums Might Turn Conductors to Semiconductors
ARM Not-So-Precious: Stripping Gold From AFM Probes Allows Better Measurement of Picoscale Forces
Hall First Observation of the Hall Effect in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
Comb JILA Frequency Comb Helps Evaluate Novel Biomedical Decontamination Method
May 2 Simulator NIST Physicists Benchmark Quantum Simulator with Hundreds of Qubits
Light First Light: NIST Researchers Develop New Way to Generate Superluminal Pulses
Tweezers Light Touch Keeps a Grip on Delicate Nanoparticles
Brain NIST Mini-sensor Measures Magnetic Activity in Human Brain
April 17 Labs Two New Advanced Laboratories Open at NIST Boulder and JILA
Laser JILA Superradiant Laser Is 'A New Way of Lasing'
Award NIST Team Receives Commerce Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award
March 20 DNA "Nanoslinky": A Novel Nanofluidic Technology for DNA Manipulation and Measurement
March 6 Comb NIST/CU "Star Comb" Joins Quest for Earthlike Planets
Solar NIST Measurements May Help Optimize Organic Solar Cells
February 21 Week Celebrating Another Golden Year in Legal Metrology with Weights and Measures Week 2012
Pricing Shopper's Special: NIST Seeking Consumer, Industry Input on Unit Pricing Labels
Switches NIST Reveals Switching Mechanism in Promising Computer Memory Device
February 7 FRET Good Timing: NIST/CU Collaboration Adds Timing Capability to Living Cell Sensors
Comb New Colors: JILA Scientists Confirm First 'Frequency Comb' to Probe Ultraviolet Wavelengths
January 24 LoudSpeaker Cool Nano Loudspeakers Could Make for Better MRIs, Quantum Computers
January 10 Graphene Slippery When Stacked: NIST Theorists Quantify the Friction of Graphene
Virus NIST Standard Available for Better Diagnosis, Treatment of Cytomegalovirus
Bridge Stretching Exercises: Using Digital Images to Understand Bridge Failures
Toxins NIST Releases Two New SRMs for Monitoring Human Exposure to Environmental Toxins
SBIR NIST SBIR Program Soliciting Proposals to Solve Manufacturing and IT Challenges
Competes New DOC Report Examines the Federal Role in U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness
TREC Text Retrieval Conference 2012 Seeks Information Retrieval Experts for Data Digging
AAAS Four at NIST Elected AAAS Fellows
Stories NIST Technologies Contribute to Top Science Stories of 2011
2011 Topic Title
December 20 Neutron NIST Sensor Improvement Brings Analysis Method into Mainstream
Radiometer Prototype NIST Device Measures Absolute Optical Power in Fiber at Nanowatt Levels
Dressed Atoms Dressed with Light Show New Interactions, Could Reveal Way to Observe Enigmatic Particle
December 6 Scuba2 Powerful NIST Detectors on Hawaiian Telescope to Probe Origins of Stars, Planets and Galaxies
PMG NIST Requests Funding Proposals for Projects in Precision Measurement
IEEE Two at NIST Are Named IEEE Fellows for 2011
November 22 Parity Original NIST Campus in D.C. Designated 'Physics Historic Site'
November 8 Antimatter NIST Physicists Chip Away at Mystery of Antimatter Imbalance
October 25 Comb Future "Comb on a Chip": NIST's Compact Frequency Comb Could Go Places
Coalesce Quantum Computer Components "Coalesce" to "Converse"
October 13 Magnetic Attraction Magnetic Attraction: NIST/CU Microchip Demonstrates Concept of 'MRAM for Biomolecules'
September 27 Diamond NIST Polishes Method for Creating Tiny Diamond Machines
Metric Metric Week Begins October 9!
PECASE Three NIST Scientists Receive PECASE Honors
August 30 Qubit NIST Achieves Record-Low Error Rate for Quantum Information Processing with One Qubit
Hydrogen Iron "Veins" Are Secret of Promising New Hydrogen Storage Material
Photon Better "Photon Loops" May Be Key to Computer and Physics Advances
Ions Ion Armageddon: Measuring the Impact Energy of Highly Charged Ions
Spielman NIST/JQI Researcher Ian Spielman to Receive 2011 Junior BEC Award
August 16 Wireless NIST Tests Help Ensure Reliable Wireless Alarm Beacons for First Responders
Cells Kinder, Gentler Cell Capture Method Could Aid Medical Research
Tangle NIST Demonstrates First Quantum "Entanglement" of Ions Using Microwaves
August 2 DNA Armchair Science: DNA Strands That Select Nanotubes Are First Step to a Practical "Quantum Wire"
July 6 Drum A Cool Beat: NIST Micro-Drum Chilled to Quantum Ground State
Table NIST Prototype "Optics Table on a Chip" Places Microwave Photon in Two Colors at Once
Noise A Quiet Phase: NIST Optical Tools Produce Ultra-low-noise Microwave Signals
Detector Key Ingredient: Change in Material Boosts Prospects of Ultrafast Single-photon Detector
Cable Compact High-Temperature Superconducting Cable Wins "R&D 100" Award
June 21 Sensor Nanowire-based Sensors Offer Improved Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds
Grid NIST Contributions to Smart Grid Highlighted in White House Report, Event
June 7 Meta NIST Tunes "Metasurface" with Fluid in New Concept for Sensing and Chemistry
Nanoparticles NIST 'Catch and Release' Program Could Improve Nanoparticle Safety Assessment
Robots NIST Contests in China Put Next-Gen Robot Technologies to the Test
Tracking NIST/Industry Developed Temperature Tracking Device for Packages May Have Climate Metrology Applications
NCWM National Conference on Weights and Measures Annual Meeting Set for July 17-21, 2011
May 24 Nanowire NIST "Nanowire" Measurements Could Improve Computer Memory
AIP NIST, AIP to Make Semiconductor Research Freely Available Online
MEMS Broadening Uses Put MEMS Technology on the Map(s)
Flemming Three at NIST Win Flemming Award
May 10 Van Drive Test: NIST Super-stable Laser Shines in Minivan Experiment
Chirp The Secret Behind NIST's New Gas Detector? Chirp Before Sniffing
BBR New Calculations on Blackbody Energy Set the Stage for Clocks with Unprecedented Accuracy
Clark NIST's Charles Clark Named Co-Director of the Joint Quantum Institute
Ye NIST/JILA Physicist Jun Ye Elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 26 Eggs Good Eggs: NIST Nanomagnets Offer Food for Thought About Computer Memories
Graphene Two Graphene Layers May Be Better Than On
April 12 Xray Sharpened Focus: Improving the Numbers, Utility of Medical Imaging
Cundiff NIST/JILA Physicist Wins Optical Society's Meggers Award
March 30 Atom The First Non-Trivial Atom Circuit: Progress towards an Atom SQUID
Constant A Measurement First: NIST "Noise Thermometry" System Measures Boltzmann Constant
Fields Charge It: Neutral Atoms Made to Act Like Electrically Charged Particles
HTC Celebrating Superconductivity: NIST Debuts Online Museum of Quantum Voltage Standards
March 15 Drum NIST's Microscopic Drum Could Link Electromagnetic, Mechanical Motion at Quantum Level
Coupling First Demonstration of "Spin-Orbit Coupling" in Ultracold Atomic Gases
February 15 WWVH Here Comes the Sun: NIST Radio Station WWVH in Hawaii Adds Solar Power
HTS Compact High-Temperature Superconducting Cables Demonstrated at NIST
Clock Crowding Out Collisions: Close Quarters Boost Atomic Clock's Accuracy
February 2 Thermometers End of an Era: NIST to Cease Calibrating Mercury Thermometers
January 19 Radiation New Wave: JILA Develops Efficient Source of Terahertz Radiation
Photon NIST Advances Single Photon Management for Quantum Computers
Graphene Real-World Graphene Devices May Have a Bumpy Ride
DNA Stretching, the Truth: JILA Biophysicists Help Unravel DNA Stretching Mystery
January 5 Mitochondrial Disease Extracting Cellular "Engines" May Aid in Understanding Mitochondrial Diseases
Telescope Calibration NIST Telescope Calibration May Help Explain Mystery of Universe's Expansion
Time Widget New Time Widget Puts Accurate Clocks on Web Pages
Top News NIST Work Highlighted as Top Science News of 2010
APS Three From NIST Elected Fellows of American Physical Society
2010 Topic Title
December 8 ENERGY STAR NVLAP Recognized by ENERGY STAR
38th Annual Awards NIST Honors 139 for Achievements in 2010
November 24 Pecase Three NIST Scientists Earn Presidential Early Career Awards
November 9 AFM AFM Positioning: Shining Light on a Needle in a Haystack
October 26 Volt NIST Ships First Programmable AC/DC 10-Volt Standard
  Microbot NIST Microrobotics Challenge Seeks Miniature Medics and Maze Masters
  SI "Sí" on the New SI: NIST Backs Proposal for a Revamped System of Measurement Units
October 13 Breath JILA Unveils Improved "Molecular Fingerprinting" for Trace Gas Detection
  Magnetic NIST Mini-Sensor Traces Faint Magnetic Signature of Human Heartbeat
  Spielman Popular Science Magazine Names Spielman One of Science's "Brilliant Ten"
Articles about the Physics Laboratory in NIST Tech Beat Archives
2010 Topic Title
September 28 Reorg NIST Strengthens Laboratory Mission Focus with New Structure
  Lighting NIST "Vision Science Facility" Aims for Lighting Revolution
  Clocks NIST Clock Experiment Demonstrates That Your Head is Older Than Your Feet
August 31 Cat NIST Researchers Create "Quantum Cats" Made of Light
  Yocto Yikes! NIST Sensor Measures Yoctonewton Forces Fast
  Gravity Glasperlenspiel: NIST Scientists Propose New Test for Gravity
  Nanocube The Perfect Nanocube: Precise Control of Size, Shape, and Composition
  UV NIST Ultraviolet Source Helps NASA Spacecraft Measure the Origins of Space Weather
August 3 Comb JILA Frequency Comb System Detects Gas Impurities to Aid Semiconductor Manufacturing
  Laser Beware the Dim Laser Pointer: NIST Researchers Measure High Infrared Power Levels from Some Green Lasers
July 21 Bathtub Some Like It Hot: How to Heat a 'Nano Bathtub' the JILA Way
July 6 Trap Novel Ion Trap with Optical Fiber Could Link Atoms and Light in Quantum Networks
  JILA JILA Team Finds New Parallel Between Cold Gases and "Hot" Superconductors
June 26 Fleming Awards Five NIST Scientists Win Flemming Awards
June 9 Dark NIST/JILA "Dark Pulse Laser" Produces Bursts of...Almost Nothing
May 25 Magnetite NIST Scientists Gain New "Core" Understanding of Nanoparticles
  SIM Time Is Money: SIM Time Network Has Far-Reaching Benefits
May 11 Math NIST Releases Successor to Venerable Handbook of Math Functions
  Medals Two NIST Researchers Nominated for Service to America Medals
  Academy NIST Physicist Named Outstanding Young Scientist of 2010 by Maryland Academy of Sciences
April 27 CT To Improve Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Good Medicine Is a Polymer Pill
  IPMC New Study Helps Explain the Surprising Behavior of Tiny "Artificial Muscles"
  Metrology NIST World Metrology Day Forum Celebrates How Measurement Stimulates Innovation
March 30 Break NIST Researchers Holding Steady in an Atomic-Scale Tug-of-War
  Trap NIST Racetrack Ion Trap is a Contender in Quantum Computing Quest
  Clock Good Times! Get to Know Your Radio-Controlled Clock
March 2 NASA NIST, NASA Launch Joint Effort to Develop New Climate Satellites
February 16 JILA JILA Scientists Demonstrate First Controlled Chemical Reactions of Ultracold Molecules
  Al NIST's Second "Quantum Logic Clock" is Now World's Most Precise Clock
January 26 Stack Stacking the Deck: Single Photons Observed at Seemingly Faster-than-Light Speeds
January 12 AAAS Fellows Sriram, Williams Honored as AAAS Fellows
  Articles NIST Quantum Computing Research Among Top Stories of 2009
2009 Topic Title
December 15 Soliton Everlasting Quantum Wave: NIST Physicists Predict New Form of Soliton in Ultracold Gases
  Synthetic JQI Researchers Create "Synthetic Magnetic Fields" for Neutral Atoms
  Lasers Web Site Highlights 50 Years of NIST Contributions to Laser Science
November 11 Photons JQI Researchers Create Entangled Photons from Quantum Dots
  Imaging Small Nanoparticles Bring Big Improvement to Medical Imaging
  Processor NIST Demonstrates "Universal" Programmable Quantum Processor
  Time Time Magazine Names JQI Work Among Year's Best Inventions
November 3 COMB Scientists Build First 'Frequency Comb' to Display Visible 'Teeth'
  CU NIST, CU to Build Instrument to Help Search for Earth-like Planets
October 20 NICE Scientists Create NICE Solution to Pneumonia Vaccine Testing Problems
Radio NIST Physicists Turn to Radio Dial for Finer Atomic Matchmaking
  Wineland NIST Physicist David Wineland to Share 2010 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics
September 22 Single New Nanochemistry Technique Encases Single Molecules in Microdroplets
Diamonds Diamonds May Be the Ultimate MRI Probe, Say Quantum Physicists
Clock NIST Updates Popular Guide to Radio-Controlled Clocks
September 8 W High in Sodium: Highly Charged Tungsten Ions May Diagnose Fusion Energy Reactors
August 11 Ytterbium Ytterbium Gains Ground in Quest for Next-Generation Atomic Clocks
Qubits NIST Demonstrates Sustained Quantum Computation Processing
July 28 Spielman NIST Physicist Cited as "e;Federal Player of the Week"e;
July 14 Qbits Physicists Find Way to Control Individual Bits in Quantum Computers
Pecase Three NIST Researchers Win 2008 PECASE Honors
June 30 Trap NIST Develops Novel Ion Trap for Sensing Force and Light
June 16 Gold Nonstick and Laser-safe Gold Aids Laser Trapping of Biomolecules
Cobalt Shape Matters in the Case of Cobalt Nanoparticles
May 5 Terahertz Terahertz Waves Are Effective Probes for IC Heat Barriers
Bergquist NIST Physicist James Bergquist Elected to National Academy of Sciences
Optics NIST Physicists Win European and Optics Society Awards
April 21 Chirality Scientists Give a Hand(edness) to the Search for Alien Life
Atomic Clock Measurement of ‘Forbidden’ Collisions Could Improve Atomic Clock Accuracy
April 7 Ion Trap X Marks the Spot: Ions Coldly Go Through NIST Trap Junction
March 24 Superfluidity Flatland Physics Probes Mysteries of Superfluidity
Picoscale Making a Point: Picoscale Stability in a Room-Temperature AFM
February 24 Computing Cross-Dressing Rubidium May Reveal Clues for Exotic Computing
Quantum Researchers Demonstrate Novel ‘Quantum Data Buffering’ Scheme
Time Colorado Governor Ritter Honors NIST Internet Time Service
2008 Topic Title
January 13 New Tool New Tool Gives Researchers a Glimpse of Biomolecules in Motion
Supersolids Simply Weird Stuff: Making Supersolids with Ultracold Gas Atoms
December 23 JILA JILA Story Makes Physics ‘Top Ten’ List
Time Wherefore a Leap Second?
December 9 APS Nine NIST Staff Become New APS Fellows
November 25 Award NIST Physicist Wins OSA’s First Walther Award
Standards Bright Idea Illuminates LED Standards
November 12 Optical Tweezers Femtomolar Optical Tweezers' May Enable Sensitive Blood Tests
October 28 Nanoscale Nanoscale Dimensioning Is Fast, Cheap with New NIST Optical Technique
Award NIST Physicist Honored in 2008 Presidential Rank Awards
October 14 Quantum First Tunable, 'Noiseless' Amplifier May Boost Quantum Computing, Communications
Nonostars Gold Nanostars Outshine the Competition
AAAS Fellow Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
October 1 Ultracold Molecules JILA Scientists Create First Dense Gas of Ultracold ‘Polar’ Molecules
September 16 Quantum NSF Physics Frontier Center Created at Joint Quantum Institute
Awards NIST Physicists are Finalists for Service to America Medals
September 3 Awards NIST Physicist Wineland Awarded 2007 National Medal of Science
August 19 Quantum Light Touch: Controlling the Behavior of Quantum Dots
August 6 Atomic Gases New Technique Reveals Hidden Properties of Ultracold Atomic Gases
Chemistry Skipping Atomic-scale Stones to Study Some Chemistry Basics
Cryptography Vegas ‘Quantum Spookshow’ Demos On-the-Fly Encryption of Streaming Video
June 24 Photoresists Exposing the Sensitivity of Extreme Ultraviolet Photoresists
Lighting Standards Set for Energy-Conserving LED Lighting
Mathematics NIST Releases Preview of Much-Anticipated Online Mathematics Reference
Quantum Physicists Produce Quantum-Entangled Images
June 10 International System of Units (SI) Everything You Want To Know About SI (But Were Afraid to Ask)
May 13 Record-setting Laser Record-setting Laser May Aid Searches for Earthlike Planets
Metrics NIST Offers U.S. Interpretations of Recent SI (Metric) Changes
April 29 Rydberg constant High-Flying Electrons May Provide New Test of Quantum Theory
Awards Two New Honors for NIST Physicists
April 15 Nanodrop 'Nanodrop' Test Tubes Created with a Flip of a Switch
March 18 Photons Photons Clarify 'Spookiness' of Quantum Physics
  Time 'Quantum Logic Clock' Rivals Mercury Ion as World's Most Accurate Clock
  Ultracold Atoms Stunt Doubles: Ultracold Atoms Could Replicate the Electron 'Jitterbug'
  Neutrons NIST Detector Can 'See' Single Neutrons Over Broad Range
March 5 Magnetometer NIST Mini Sensor May 'Change the Way We Live'
February 19 NMR "NMR on a Chip" Features NIST Magnetic Mini-Sensor
  Frequency Comb Optical "Frequency Comb" Can Detect the Breath of Disease
  Time New Strontium Atomic Clock at JILA is "Best in Class"
  Phillips' Video New NIST Video: Bill Phillips School Talk on the Science of Ultracold
January 23 Quantum Dots JILA Solves Problem of Quantum Dot 'Blinking'
  WWVH NIST Radio Station WWVH Gets Antenna Makeover
January 8 Radioactive Radioactive "Understudy" May Aid Medical Imaging, Drug Development
2007 Topic Title
December 12 Egypt NIST Helps Beam Time to TV Viewers in the Middle East
November 27 BEC NIST Announces First Observation of "Persistent Flow" in a Gas
November 8 Malaria Bug-Zapper: A Dose of Radiation May Help Knock Out Malaria
  Magnetometer Mini Magnetic Sensor May Have Biomedical, Security Applications
  PECASE NIST Researchers Receive Early Career Presidential Awards
October 25 Awards Staff Honored in 2007 Presidential Rank Awards
  Paul D. Lett NIST Physicist Honored for Measuring Forces between Ultra-cool Atoms
October 11 Fusion Power NIST Light Source Illuminates Fusion Power Diagnostics
September 27 Speed Limit "Dead Time" Limits Quantum Cryptography Speeds
September 13 Laser Cooling "Radio Wave Cooling" Offers New Twist on Laser Cooling
  DNA Elasticity JILA Finds Flaw in Model Describing DNA Elasticity
August 30 Finalist JILA Physicist is Finalist for Service to America Medal
  Nanotube Longer is Better for Nanotube Optical Properties
August 16 Nanoscale Blasting Nanoscale Blasting Adjusts Resistance in Magnetic Sensors
August 3 Damping Changing the Rings: A Key Finding for Magnetics Design
  Quantum Dance Thousands of Atoms Swap "Spins" in Quantum Square Dance
July 20 Graphene Speed Bumps Less Important Than Potholes for Graphene
July 6 Semiconductor Electronic "Crowd Behavior" Revealed in Semiconductors
June 8 Key New Quantum Key System Combines Speed, Distance
  Awards Three NIST Researchers Receive Flemming Awards
May 24 Atom NIST Atom Interferometry Displays New Quantum Tricks
  Honors Honors for NIST Researchers Announced
May 10 Tiny Tiny Spectrometer Offers Precision Laser Calibration
  Network "Tunable" Network Features Coordinated Frequency Combs
  NVLP New Accreditation Program for Radiation Detector Labs
  SEMATECH NIST-SEMATECH Workshop on Scatterometry Standards
April 12 Photons Mass Weddings: NIST's New Efficient 2-Photon Source
  Lasers Quantum Dot Lasers: One Dot Makes All the Difference
  Nanotubes NIST's Stretching Exercises Shed New Light on Nanotubes
March 16 JILA New JILA Apparatus Measures Fast Nanoscale Motions
March 1 Quantum Atom "Noise" May Help Design Quantum Computers
  Clock Atomic Clock Signals May Be Best Shared by Fiber-Optics
  Cold A Very Cold Evening with Nobelist Bill Phillips
  APS NIST's Jim Bergquist Wins APS Herbert P. Broida Prize
February 15 Spin Disorder May Be in Order for "Spintronic" Devices
  Clock Clock Comparison Yields Clues to "Constant" Change
  Casimir JILA Measurements Recast Usual View of Elusive Force
  Combs New 2D Pics Brush Up Image of NIST "Frequency Combs"
January 19 Time Countries Share Good Times Using GPS and the Internet
  Art "Silicon Ion Trap," Joe Britton
2006 Topic Title
December 21 Neutrons Team Records Rare Glimpses of Light from Neutrons
  Vortex "Vortex Lattices" May Help Explain Material Defects
December 7 Spin Mechanical Motion Used to "Spin" Atoms in a Gas
  Ticks New Strontium Atomic Clock Has Super-Fine "Ticks"
November 9 Tornado "Tornadoes" Are Transferred From Light to Sodium Atoms
Rank NIST Staff Honored in 2006 Presidential Rank Awards
Wineland Wineland Named to 2006 "Scientific American 50"
Rabi NIST Physicist Receives APS I.I. Rabi Prize
October 26 Hybrid New Hybrid Microscope Probes Nano-Electronics
Refining Novel Atom Refining Boosts Entanglement of Atom Pairs
O'Brian O'Brian Named Director of NIST Boulder Laboratories
September 28 Emergency Emergency Tests Focus on Lab Radioactivity Analyses
Award NIST Physicist Awarded Service to America Medal
September 14 Maryland NIST, U. Md. and NSA Create Joint Quantum Institute
Small Small, Low-noise Oscillator May Help in Surveillance
August 31 Gold Gold Nanoparticles Prove to Be Hot Stuff
August 17 Atomic "Atomic Switch" Experiments Expand Nanoscale Toolkit
  Advanced Advanced Imaging Facility Watches Fuel Cells at Work
August 3 Two Two NIST Researchers Earn Presidential Honors
July 20 Micro "Micro-boxes" of Water Used to Study Single Molecules
  Mercury Mercury Atomic Clock Sets Time-Keeping Record
July 6 Ion New Ion Trap May Lead to Large Quantum Computers
  UM NIST, UM Program To Support Nanotech Development
June 8 Three Three NIST Scientists Receive Flemming Awards
May 25 Nobel NIST Nobelists Testify on Science Policy
April 28 Laser Laser Trapping of Erbium May Lead to Novel Devices
  Measurements Measurements May Help Show If Constants Are Changing
April 13  Beyond Beyond the Kilogram: Redefining More SI Units
March 30 Quantum Quantum Dot Method Rapidly Identifies Bacteria
  NIST NIST/ORNL Dedicate New Nuclear Medicine Lab
  March "March Madness" Effects Observed in Ultracold Gases
March 16 Comb Optical "Comb" Allows Powerful Chemical Analysis
  Liquid New "Liquid Lens" Data for Immersion Lithography
March 6 Pancakes Experimental Atomic Clock Uses Ytterbium "Pancakes"
February 16 Method Method May Help Optimize Light-emitting Semiconductors
  Telecom Telecom Meeting to Focus on Emerging Networks
February 2 Stable Stable Polymer Nanotubes May Have a Biotech Future
January 17 Floppy Experiments Help Explain "Floppy" Space Molecule
SURF NIST Summer Research Jobs, Applications Due Feb. 15

2005 Topic Title
December 22 Einstein Einstein Was Right (Again): NIST/MIT Confirm E=mc2
  New Year Enjoy New Year's Eve a Second Longer!
December 1 Cat Physicists Coax Six Atoms into Quantum "Cat" State
  Long "Long" Distances Measured with Picometer Accuracy
November 17 Two Two Universities Get Grants for Precision Measurements
  Nobel Nobel Laureate wins Presidential Rank Award
November 3 Tool Tool Tackles Translucence and Other Color Challenges
October 20 Chains Magnetic Nanoparticles Assembled into Long Chains
  Collide Ultrafast Lasers Take 'Snapshots' as Atoms Collide
  Honored NIST Physicist Honored for Technological Innovation
October 7 Nobel NIST/JILA Fellow Shares Nobel Prize in Physics
  GPS NIST Method Improves Reliability of GPS Clocks
September 23 Clock NIST Atomic Fountain Clock Gets Much Better with Time
  Radiation Meeting on New Technologies and Radiation Measurements
August 26 Forum Industrial Physics Forum: Innovation Infrastructure
August 9 Bits NIST Demonstrates Better Memory with Quantum Computer Bits
  Clocks Tandem Ions May Lead the Way to Better Atomic Clocks
  Guide New Guide Is Timely for Radio Controlled Clocks, Watches
July 26 JILA Compact JILA System Stabilizes Laser Frequency
July 13 JILA JILA Study of RNA Dynamics May Help in Drug Design
  UV Optics Predicting the Lifetime of Extreme UV Optics
June 5 Method New NIST Method Improves Accuracy of Spectrometers
  Flemming Flemming Awards Received by Four NIST Researchers
May 18 Quantum Quantum Computing Results May Help in Code Breaking
  Ruler World's First UV "Ruler" Sizes Up Atomic World
May 5 Jin Jin Elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 21 Detectors Portable Radiation Detectors Generally Meet Standards
  Shine X-Rays Shine Light on High-Intensity Gas Lamps
April 12 Light Light Scattering Method Reveals Details under Skin
  NIST NIST and University of Colorado Establish Partnership
March 24 Atoms Noisy Pictures Tell a Story of 'Entangled' Atoms
  Utah NIST, Utah State Collaborate on Sensor Technology
March 10 Telecommunications Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunications
February 24 Kilogram Experts Urge Redefinition Of the Kilogram
February 10 Anchors Experiments Prove Existence of Atomic Chain "Anchors"
  Vision Devising Nano Vision for an Optical Microscope
January 26 Experiments Lab Experiments Mimic a Star's Energy Bursts
January 5 Tiny Detector Tiny, Atom-based Detector Senses Weak Magnetic Fields
  Zigzag Novel Zigzag Shape Gives Sensors Magnetic Appeal
2004 Topic Title
December 8 Repair Kit A Data "Repair Kit" for Quantum Computers
November 24 Ultrafast Ultrafast Laser Speeds Up Quest for Atomic Control
November 10 Optical Nose Designing an Ultrasensitive "Optical Nose" for Chemicals
  Jin Scientific American Dubs Jin "Research Leader of the Year"
  Gebbie Gebbie Honored as a AAAS Fellow
October 14 Light Super Slow Light May Help Speed Optical Communications
September 14 Hip-Hop Scientists Tame "Hip-Hop" Atoms
  Quick Links Two NIST Scientists Earn Presidential Award
August 30 Chip-Scale Chip-Scale Atomic Clock Unveiled by NIST
  Atomic Scientists Observe "Atomic Air Force"
  Nanoscale Lighting the Way to Better Nanoscale Films
July 30 Quick Links Two National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Finalists for Service to America Awards
July 15 Nanospheres A Safer Way to Make Metal Nanospheres
July 2 Quick Links Scientists Discover New Interstellar Molecules
June 16 Teleporting Teleporting Quantum States From One Atom to Another
  Quantum Quantum Mechanical "Tune Up" for Better Measurement
  Quick Links Three NIST Employees Win Flemming Awards
May 7 Quantum System Sets Speed Record for Quantum Encryption
  Quick Links Two NIST Researchers Earn Presidential Honors
April 23 Rainbow Portable "Rainbow" Source Improves Color Calibrations
March 25 Clocks World's Best "Rulers" Will Make Better Clocks
March 11 Light Light Wave Measurements Make Circuits Better
February 26 Water Using Water as a Lens To Shrink Chip Dimensions
January 30 Fermion New Form of Matter Created: A Fermionic Condensate
January 16 Constants New Values for Fundamental Constants
2003 Topic Title
December 19 Time Greeting Another New Year Without a Leap Second
November 21 Super Molecule Researchers Create Bose-Einstein "Super Molecule"
October 23 Neutrons Only 15 Minutes of Life, No Fame, for Lone Neutrons
October 10 Jin NIST Physicist Wins MacArthur 'Genius' Grant
September 26 Cells Tiny "Test Tubes" May Aid Pharmaceutical R&D
  Quick Links Ionizing Radiation
August 11 Signs New NIST Facility Soon Will Be "Reflecting" on Safer Signs
  Radiation Finding Dirty Bombs and Other Radiation Threats
July 25 Liquid Lenses "Liquid Lenses" May Shrink Feature Sizes on Microchips
  Physics Ultracold Experiments Pave Way for Super Molecule
January/February Environment Improved Ocean Color Mapping When the NIST SIRCUS Is in Town
  Physics "Stone Cold" Video Showcases NIST's Hunt for New State of Matter
  Trivia Tech Trivia - David Wineland of NIST
2002 Topic Title
October/November Time NIST Helping Prepare an "Out of This World" Atomic Clock
  Tech Trivia  
July/August Time and Frequency A Notary Public for the Digital Age
May/June Time Need the Time or Need to Know About Time ... Go to NIST!
January/February Time NIST Helps Ensure Well-Timed Sledding at Winter Olympics
  2001 Topic Title
September Environment Turning Seaweed into a Scientific Tool
July/August Physics Supercold Atoms Dance to the Beat of the "Bosenova"
June Time For the Time of Your Life, Call NIST
May Tech Trivia Some notable female scientists during NIST's first century
March Physics Tiny Structures Are Focus for New NIST Facility
February Physics Getting the Better of Einstein-For Once
2000 Topic Title
December Safety Turning Tragedy into a Better Understanding of Radiation Effects
  Time Party at Midnight on New Year's Eve ... Again!
  Centennial December Milestones Lined the Path to Closed Captioning on TV
  Tech Trivia The "ultimate standard of length" in 1951
November Time NIST Helps Ensure Well-Timed Sledding at Next Winter Olympics
  Centennial Radiation Standards Helped X-Rays Do More Good than Harm
October Health NIST Makes Measureable Improvements in Mammography
  Centennial If the Phone Rings Before Dawn in October, Hope It's Sweden Calling
September Centennial In the Rockies' Shadow, Boulder Labs Achieve Mountainous Results
August Quantum Computing NIST Taming Atoms to Power Future Super Computers
July NIST Centennial July Records Milestones in Time and Frequency Broadcasting
  Trivia William D. Phillips, shared the Nobel Physics Prize in 1997.
May Physics For Frequency Measurements, One Laser Is Better Than Several
April Physics MDs Rely on NIST Standards for New Cancer, Heart Therapies
March Physics Atoms, Check Your Engines!
February Physics Two Places at Once? NIST Shows It's Only for Atoms
January Physics Trapping Neutrons May Capture Bigger Prize--Peek at Big Bang
  Tech Trivia NIST/U.S. Naval Observatory web site,
1999 Topic Title
December Physics Bose Einstein Models Make Beautiful, Superfluid Images
  Tech Trivia History of Timekeeping Exhibit Opens at National Museum of American History in Washington, DC
October Internet New Web Site Puts Atomic Time on Your Computer
  Space Two NIST Labs Help Chandra Explore the Universe
August Physics Education Cool New Web Site Offers Physics History Lesson
July Astrophysics Lunar Reflector Still on the Job After 30 Years
  Time Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
May Time NIST Tells Time--6.5 Million Times a Day
April Tech Trivia NIST was twice listed in the Guinness Book of World Records
March Health NIST Improves Accuracy of Radioactive Prostate Seeds
1998 Topic Title
December Leap Second Leap Second Scheduled for New Year's Eve
  Physics Is it Half Enough? NIST Measures Titanium-44 Half-Life
July Tech Trivia Strong Magnetic Fields on Stellar Surfaces
First Trapping of Neutral Atoms
June Tech Trivia NIST Web Clock
May Nanostructures Nanowired! NIST Makes New Nanostructures
  Video New NIST Video Shows Hot Research on Cold Atoms
April Tech Trivia President's Cup Regatta
February Space Atomic Clock in Space Will Raise Accuracy to New Heights
January Astronomy Physicists Probe Puzzles of Heavy Metal Stars
  Tech Trivia Mauna Loa Observatory
1997 Topic Title
November Physics Really Cool Laser Experiments Net NIST Physicist Nobel Prize
  Tech Trivia Measuring the distance from the Earth to the moon
  Tech Trivia The first atomic clock in 1949
September Vibrations The Quietest Place on Earth
  Tech Trivia NIST radiopharmaceutical standard
  Tech Trivia The Fall of Parity
May Chemistry Technique Pairs Quick Imaging and Chemical Analysis
  Tech Trivia Coordinated Universal Time
  Tech Trivia Radio Stations, WWV and WWVH
January Color From Opal Frost to Plum, Colors Measure Up at NIST
  Biology Physicists Tweeze Viruses with Light
1996 Topic Title
November Environment Color Is the Clue to Ocean Organisms
  Tech Trivia Time-keeping Services
  Tech Trivia Radiation Therapy for Cancer
September Time You May Never Have to Reset a Clock Again
  Astronomy Scientists Find Vinegar Cloud in Milky Way
July Physics Being Here and There, Quantumly Speaking
  Tech Trivia Accurate, Safe, and Effective Radiation Doses
May Environment Researchers Find Irradiating Water Can Remove Pollution
  Health Radiation Treatments Could Aid Ailing Hearts
  Physics Nanoconstruction: Scientists Aim for Smaller Chips
March Health NIST Opens First U.S. National Standards Lab for Mammography
  Tech Trivia Time Measurements
January Time For the Best Time, Computers Can Call NIST
1995 Topic Title
November Art Restoration NIST Helps Smithsonian Restore Ancient Silk Paintings
  Radiation Boldly Going Where No Computer Code Has Gone Before
  Tech Trivia Time and Frequency from Atomic Clock
September Physics New State of Matter Proves Einstein Right
  Physics Laser Lens Draws Nanodots on Silicon
July Chemistry Caging Atoms in Buckyballs Holds Promise for Radiation Therapy
  Tech Trivia "Leap Seconds" Added to Time
  Tech Trivia Measuring UV Radiation
May Physics Neutrons Give Clues About Birth of the Universe
  Tech Trivia Closed TV Captioning
March Tech Trivia Scientific Prefixes: zetta-, yotta-, zepto-, and yocto-
January Standards Replace Kilogram Standard? NIST Weighs Options
1994 Topic Title
November Physics SURF's Up in NIST Physics Lab!
  Physics Lab Among the Hottest and Coldest Places on Earth
September Physics It's Cold! Cold! Cold! NIST Experiment Sets Record Low
  Health Forecast: Sunshine. UV Index Accuracy Starts at NIST
July Physics Electronic Eye Makes Best Brightness Measurements
  Physics What's Hot in Physics? Super-Cold Atoms in a Trap!
May Time Wait a Second or You'll Miss the Leap
March Environment NIST Technology Paving the Road to Cleaner Cars

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