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NIST Update

NIST Update was merged with NIST Tech Beat in July 2003.
For the most recent Physics Laboratory articles, see NIST Tech Beat.
Articles about the Physics Laboratory in NIST Update Archives
2003 Topic Title
June 24 Nanotechnology Seizing the Moment: Improving Control of Quantum Dots
May 27 Security Novel Spectroscopic Method Can Detect Terrorist Threats
May 14 Physics NIST Traps, Prepares and Serves Atoms-One at a Time
  Time & Frequency Clock Accuracy by Radio? NIST Paper Tells All
April 28 Physics NIST, CU Publish Recipe for Home-Cooked Bose-Einstein Condensate
  Technology Support Report Features Three Decades of NIST "Military Aid"
April 14 Physics NIST Research Improves Prospects for Reliable Quantum Computers
March 31 Physics NIST Researchers "Go Dancing" with Synchronized Lasers
  Time NIST to Discontinue Its Role in Satellite Time Dissemination
January 27 Solar Research Satellite Measures Sun's True Power with NIST Help
January 13 Physics Fiberoptic Link Transfers Clock Signals with Great Stability
2002 Topic Title
December 16 Colorimetry New NIST Color Reference More Than a Shade Improved
November 25 Honors NIST's Gebbie Receives Service to America Medal
  Thermometry NIST Innovations to Improve Industrial Temperature Measurement
  Physics NIST Research Papers: "The Future is Full of (Laser) Light"
October 2 Physics NIST Researchers Open Door for Making Cold Antihydrogen
August 12 Semiconductors NIST Develops Metrology for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
July 15 Time New Publication Explains NIST Computer Time Services
June 24 Physics OSTP Report Praises NIST Neutron Center for World-Class Capabilities
May 28 Time New Publication Highlights Recent NIST Ion Trapping Research
  Honors NIST Researcher Named One of the World's Top Young Innovators
May 13 Time and Frequency From A(mbiguity) to Z(ulu): New T&F Glossary Makes It All Clear
  Awards Five from NIST Honored for Outstanding Government Service
April 3 Physics NIST Issues Updated Time and Frequency Services Handbook
February 11 Physics Critical Data Derived for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
2001   Topic Title
November 13 Metric NIST Releases New U.S. Edition of International Guide
October 15 Nobel Prize Cornell and Wieman Win 2001 Physics Prize
September 4 Physics and Semiconductors New Spectroscopy Tool Probes Semiconductor Etching Processes
August 22 Research JILA Receives $15 Million Grant from NSF
July 23 Time New Atomic Clock Could Be 1,000 Times Better Than Today's Best
July 9 Semiconductors NIST Uncovers Potential Problem for Semiconductor Lithography
June 26 Time Got a Minute? NIST Wants your Views on Time Services
May 14 Centennial New Publication Showcases Key NIST Research Achievements
March 5 Constants Define the Universe on a Wallet-Sized Card
February 20 Physics Two NIST-Funded Experiments Testing Fundamentals of Reality
January 22 Physics Short Course on Radiation Thermometer Measurement Offered
  Grants Competitions Open for 13 Research Funding Opportunities
January 8 Physics Just a Phase? Better Neutron Analysis with Lower Radiation
2000 Topic Title
December 4 Physics Polish Up Your Gloss Measurements at NIST
November 6 Awards Two NIST Boulder Researchers Honored as PECASE Recipients
October 23 Time Atomic Clock Among Popular Science's "Best of What's New"
  Physics Egyptian Professor Is NIST's First SESAME Seed
September 25 Physics NIST Pioneers the Use of Image Plates for Far UV Spectroscopy
August 28 Physics Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
July 31 Semiconductors Taking the Temperature of Rapid Thermal Processing Systems
June 19 Awards Two from NIST Honored for Government Service
June 5 Time Partners Ensure That E-Business Is Timely Business
March 27 Honors NIST's Cornell Elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 24 Awards Two NIST Researchers Receive Recognition for Scientific Leadership
March 27 Physics Oh, What a Tangled Web These Particles Weave!
March 13 Administration Boulder Lab Director to Take Position at Harvard
  Time Common Scale Established for All of North America
January 18 Time NIST Radio Station Now Transmitting at Full Power
January 3 Time Got a Second? Nothing Counts Them Better Than New NIST Clock
1999 Topic Title
December 6 Standards Natural Constants Get First Makeover in 13 Years
October 25 Physics California, Massachusetts Professors Win NIST Grants
September 27 Physics Vortices Imaged in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Optical Technology Physicists Catch Best Waves Ever from Improved SURF III
September 13 Physics NIST/CU Scientists First to Observe New Quantum Gas
August 30 Physics Ionizing Radiation Council to Hold Eighth Annual Meeting at NIST
August 16 Physics Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
Time New Microtraps Better Capture the Elusive Laser-Cooled Ion
June 21 Technology Partnerships NIST and Maine Team Up for Technology, Economic Growth
March 29 Physics Atoms Mimic Laser Light in First-Ever Matter Wave Mixing Experiment
March 15 Physics NIST Scientists Demonstrate Highly Directional Atom Laser
1998 Topic Title
December 7 Metric New Guide Prevents Being Pound (Foot, Gallon and ...) Foolish
November 9 Physics Princeton and MIT Physicists Receive NIST Grants
October 26 Awards NIST and CU Physicists Win Major Science Prize
August 3 New Facility Keck Foundation to Fund Optical Lab at JILA
  Physics Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
July 6 Optics NIST Meeting First to Address Measuring Optical Radiation Hazards
June 8 Physics What's My Line? International Team Knows for Hydrazine Spectrum
April 27 Measurements New NIST Calibration Services Users Guide Available
April 13 Time Satellite Signals Improve Clock Synchronization 100-Fold
March 30 Time Seven Trapped Ions Make a Better Clock
  Physics NIST Lab Upgrades Scientific Data on Web
March 2 Physics NIST Short Course Yields Better Temperature Measures
February 2 Optical Technology New Optical Properties Consortium Looking for Members
January 20 Precision Measurement Two Measurement Proposals Win Grants
January 5 Time Power Doubling for WWVB Could Help Keep You on Schedule
1997 Topic Title
December 8 Health Consortium Seeks Better Measures for Energing Industry
November 24 Medicine NIST Radiopharmaceuticls: Good for Your Health ... and Wallet
November 10 Physics Three NIST Researchers Receive Presidential Honor
October 27 Nobel Prize NIST's William Phillips Awarded 1997 Physics Prize
October 14 Physics Research May Help Hunt for Interstellar Iron
  Radiation Measurement Irish/Old Bay Combo Helps Labs Assess Ocean Radioactivity
September 29 Physics Room Temperature Methane Detector Developed
September 2 Physics New Imaging Technique Strong on Power, Gentle on Samples
August 18 Physics Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
July 21 Time and Frequency Dividing by Three Yields Greater Accuracy
July 7 Optical Technology Software Unifies "Scattered" Data for Chip Makers
  Physics Polarized Signatures May Lead to Tinier Chips
June 23 Radiation Physics November Meeting to Spotlight Secondary Labs
May 27 Time World's Timekeepers Not Second Guessing on June 30
  Honors NIST Physicist Phillips Elected to NAS
May 12 Chemistry New Method Combines Quick Imaging, Chemical Analysis
April 28 Honors Cornell Receives Waterman Award from NSF
March 03 Time and Frequency New Way Offered to Better Predict Clock Behavior
February 03 Awards JILA Researcher Receives Three Honors
January 21 Biology Researchers Collide Viruses, Cells with Laser Tweezers
January 06 Physics Fundamental Constants Bibliography Now on the Web
1996 Topic Title
November 25 Physics Improved Accuracy in Optical Radiation Reported
  Metric New Website Cuts Metric Questions Down to Size
November 12 Environment Color Is Clue to Ocean Organisms
  Awards NIST Physicist Elected AAAS Fellow
September 16 Physics Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
August 05 Environment High-Altitude Sensing Gets Lift in Accuracy
  Physics Spectroscopic Reference Data Now New and Improved
July 22 Physics Papers on Trapped Ions and Laser Cooling Published
July 08 Time and Frequency Upgrade to Improve Time Signal's Coverage
  Physics New Intense Source of Cooled Ions Developed
June 24 Radiation CIRMS Holds Fifth Annual Meeting at NIST
June 10 Awards Bose-Einstein Observers Receive Physics Prize
May 28 Physics Schroedinger's Cat in an Atomic Cage
April 15 Physics New Division Offers Optical Measurement Standards
April 01 Health NIST Calibration Heart-ening for New Treatment
  Standard Reference Data Transient Molecules Database Expanded
February 20 Health NIST Offers Improved Mammography X-Ray Standards
February 05 Time and Frequency "At the Asterisk, the Time Will Be ..."
January 22 Physics Find Your Fundamental Constants on the Web
1995 Topic Title
December 11 Time Hold the Fanfare on New Year's Eve for a Second!
  Awards Supercold Condensate Gets Top 100 Ranking
November 13 Time and Frequency Learn New Rules for Improving "Noise"
October 02 Radiation CRADA Goal: Predicting Space Radiation Effects
September 18 Physics New Microlithography Method May Help Shrink Chips
  Physics Laser Lens Draws Nanodots On Silicon
  Time and Frequency Comprehensive Guide to T&F Data Issued
August 21 Physics Researchers Crack Open "Gate" to Faster Computing
July 24 Physics New State of Matter Seen Near Absolute Zero
  Metric New Guide Simplifies International System of Units
June 26 Time and Frequency Distribution Amplifiers Yield Low Noise, High Isolation
June 12 Physics What's In a Name? JILA Says It All!
  Radiation Measurement November Meeting Highlights Better Radiation Use
May 15 Physics NIST Takes World's Lowest Temperature Even Lower
May 01 Physics Neutron Lifetimes Provide Clues on Universe's Origin
  Lasers New Diode Laser Has Researchers Glad for the "Blues"
March 20 Physics IBM, NIST Team to Create Parallel Computing Software
February 21 Physics NIST Physics Data Now at Your Fingertips
  Physics Enhanced Frequency Calibrations Offered
  Measurement NIST Guide on Measurement Uncertainty Available
January 09 Physics EBIT Shines New Light on Nuclear Fusion
1994 Topic Title
October 24 Awards Yale, SUNY Researchers Win NIST Physics Grants
September 26 Physics SURF's Up In NIST Physics Lab!
September 12 Health Forecast for Sunshine? NIST Helps Track the UV Index
August 29 Radiation Measurement New Facility Focuses on Improved Radiation Standards
August 15 Physics NIST Researchers Achieve Coldest Temperature Ever
  Physics Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
July 18 Astrophysics Lunar Reflector Works Through Silver Anniversary
July 05 Radiation Measurement "Farsighted" Detector Sees More Infrared
June 20 Physics Want to Trap Cesium Atoms? Use Microwaves
June 06 Physics "Electronic Eye" Improves Accuracy in Lighting
May 23 Health CRADA Partners Seek Improved Radiation Dose Maps
  Technology Commercialization Licensees Sought for New Lithography Method
  Physics Radiation Meeting To Highlight Measurement Quality
May 09 Time and Frequency World Gets a Second to Spare on June 30
April 11 Awards Lab Director Honored for Lifetime Achievement
February 14 Environment New Spectrometer May Pave Road to Cleaner Cars
January 03 Physics CRADA Seeks High-Accuracy Radiation Dosimeters
  Physics Partners Developing Automated Radiation "Reader"
  General Information Time Q&As, Standards Featured in Fact Sheets
1993 Topic Title
November 29 Health New Device Improves Mammography Imaging
  Awards Atomic Clock, Wear-Resistant Alloy Receive Honor
November 08 Physics Laser Light Used to Focus Atoms on Surfaces
  Physics "Electromagnetic Bottle" Traps Ions for Study
October 25 Correction CRADA Sets Plans for Atomic Microclock in Motion
October 04 Time and Frequency No "Second Guessing" with NIST Time Services Guide
September 20 Time and Frequency CRADA Sets Plans for Atomic Microclock in Motion
  Physics Partners to Develop Powerful Tunable Laser
September 07 Grants Proposals Sought for Precision Measurement Grants
June 14 Time and Frequency Timekeepers Give the World a Second to Spare
  Physics Activities Report Highlights 1992 for Physics Lab
June 01 Physics "Trapped" Ions Provide First View of Light Property
May 17 Physics Research Partners Seek Better Infrared Radiometry
May 03 Time and Frequency New Clock is "One in a Million" for Accuracy
  Time and Frequency Trapping Atoms May "Capture" Time In Less Space
April 19 Physics CRADA Partners Focus on Improving Laser Lenses
  Physics Keep Computers "On-Time" with New Service
March 08 Physics New Papers Address Lab Uses for Diode Lasers
February 16 Physics Automated Frequency Measurement at Your Service
January 18 Physics NIST/IBM Research May Increase Laser Power

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