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NIST Technology at a Glance
Articles about the Physics Laboratory in Technology at a Glance Archives
Year Season Title
2004 Summer/Fall NIST Unveils New Mini Atomic Clock
  Scientists Create New Matter Form
  Teleporting Quantum States from One Atom to Another
2003 Fall/Winter A Bose-Einstein "Super Molecule"
  Summer Progress Toward a "Super Molecule"
    Novel Spectroscopic Method Detects Terrorist Threats
  Winter/Spring Better Chemistry Through Nanorings
    Web Site Features Tiny Technologies
2002 Summer Computers Based on Ion Traps?
  Winter/Spring Nobel Prize Team Earns New Honor
2001 Fall Atomic Clock Uses Optical Frequency
    Corrective Lenses For UV Lithography
  Spring Nanoscale Views Of Atom Structure
    When Atoms Do The "Bosenova"
    A Better Look at Fine Details
    Turning Seaweed into a Scientific Tool
2000 Summer Best in the World Clock Debut
1999 Fall Modeling Blends Science with Art
    NIST Helps Ensure Good X-ray Vision
    Natural Constants Get New Values
   Spring/Summer  Atom Optics: When 3+0=4
  Winter Physicists Build Better Atom Laser
    Calibration Service For Prostate Seeds
    Mini CAT Scans Check Out Circuits
1998 Fall Optical Lab
  Winter Physicists Build Quietest of Places
    Lighting the Way to Safer Flying
    Clock in S ... P ... A ... C ... E
    Optical Properties
1997 Fall NIST Physicst Shares Nobel Prize
    Not Your Average Reference Materials
    The Hunt for Interstellar Iron
  Summer A Kinder, Gentler Nanoscale Viewer
  Spring Infrared Images Track Molecules
  Winter Optical "Tweezers" Measure Stickiness
1996 Fall Trading Places Atomic-Style
    Color is Clue to Ocean Organisms
    A Clock that Resets Itself?
    Finding Vinegar in the Milky Way
  Summer Schroedinger's Cat in an Atomic Cage
    Radiation and Hearts
  Winter New Standards for Mammography
    For a Good Time, Call NIST
1995 Fall Atom Lithography May Shrink "Chips"
    Aging Silk with Radiation

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