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Atomic Physics Div. icon

(Gaithersburg, MD)

Carl J. Williams, Chief
Tel 301 975 3201
Fax 301 975 3038

The Atomic Physics Division carries out a broad program of long-term experimental and theoretical research in atomic physics, ranging from hot, highly-charged ions to ultracold atoms and including the determination of their radiative and collisional properties. It studies the physics of laser cooling and the electromagnetic trapping of neutral atoms and highly charged ions, generates Bose Einstein condensates and is engaged in research directed at improving and applying x-ray measurement technology. In pursuit of its mission and in support of emerging technologies and industrial needs, the Division provides measurements, standards and reference data for such areas as materials processing, thin-film characterization, advanced lighting, and medical x-ray analysis. The division contributes to advances in fundamental standards on atomic clocks, on the Si kg and on the unification of the electromagnetic scale. Finally, it develops new methods for the analysis of plasmas by their spectral radiation, and it critically evaluates and compiles atomic spectroscopy data in response to diverse needs of various user communities.

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