IPC and Conference Officers

The IPC officers include the IPC Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers are elected by the IPC. Together with the Chair of the Local Conference Committee they serve also as Conference Officers. The Chair and Vice-Chair may not succeed themselves in office. The outgoing Vice-Chair automatically succeeds to the Chair. Should the Vice-Chair resign, the IPC will select a new Chair from its membership. The IPC Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary formulate the agenda for the IPC meetings.

The functions of the IPC Chair are to preside over the IPC, Nominating Committee, and the Conference Business Meetings, and nominate candidates to fill any vacancy in the IPC that may occur between Conferences..

The Vice-Chair cooperates with the Chair and other Conference officers on all Conference matters.

The Secretary, together with the Chair and Vice-Chair, communicates with the IAB members before each of the IPC meetings on the meeting agenda items, reports their responses/suggestions to the meeting, and informs them about meeting decisions; prepares the agenda for the IPC, Nominating Committee and the Conference Business meetings, keeps adequate records of the actions taken by the Committees, applies to international science and technology organizations for sponsorship of each Conference, and transmits the records to successors.

The Treasurer keeps the financial records of ICAMDATA, gives detailed financial reports to the IPC at its meetings and presents a summary report of the financial status of ICAMDATA at the Conference Business Meeting. The Treasurer maintains a bank account for the Conference central funds, pays bills as directed by the IPC Chair and transmits the records to the successor treasurer.

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