ICAMDATA Poster Session A
Monday October 1st, 4:00 p.m.

Author Title Location
Gö. Başar, F. Güzelçimen, S. Kröger, M. Tamanis, A. Kruzins, R. Ferber, and L. Windholz High Resolution Spectrum of La-Ar Hollow Cathode Lamp in Near-Infrared Region 1
Adrian N. Daw, A. K. Bhatia, and Douglas M. Rabin Branching Ratios For The Radiometric Calibration Of EUNIS-2012 2
Jon Grumer, T. Brage, Z. Fei, R. Zhao, Z. Shi, J. Xiao, M. Andersson, Y. Zou, and R. Hutton An in-depth correlation study of the ground term transition in Ag-like tungsten and its isoelectronic neighbours 3
H.Hartman, H.Nilsson, N.Ryde, R.Blackwell-Whitehead, N.Linne, A.Pehlivan, S.Huldt, L.Engström, H.Lundberg, P.Jönsson, and J.Grumer Laboratory Astrophysics for Near-Infrared Astrophysical Applications 4
V. Roman, A. Borovik, G. Ogurtsov, O. Zatsarinny
Observation of post-collision interaction in electron-impact excitation of the
4p6 subshell in Rb
Craig J. Sansonetti and Gillian Nave Spectrum and Energy Levels of Singly-Ionized Chromium (Cr II): New Observations from the Vacuum Ultraviolet to the Infrared 6
Tetsuya Watanabe, Hirohisa Hara, Naomasa Yamamoto, Daiji Kato, Hiroyuki A. Sakaue, and Izumi Murakami EUV Fe XVII emission line branching ratio 7
P. Bogdanovich, R. Kisielius, G.J. Ferland, V.P. Kulkarni Assessing The Accuracy Of Spectroscopic Atomic Data For S II Lines 8
Clara Cassidy, Alan Hibbert, Cathy Ramsbottom and Penny Scott E1 transitions in Ni II 9
Stefan Spencer, Alan Hibbert, Cathy Ramsbottom, and Penny Scott W XLV: atomic data for ITER diagnostics 10
G. Gaigalas, P. Jönsson, and A. Alkauskas
Energies for States of the
2s22p5 and 2s2p6 in Fluorine-like Ions Between Si VI and W LXVI
Verne L. Jacobs Reduced-Density-Operator Description for Single-Photon and Multi-Photon Processes in Many-Electron Atomic and Molecular Systems 12
Pascal Quinet, Patrick Palmeri, and Emile Biémont Recent Progress in the Determination of Radiative Data for Lowly Charged Tungsten Ions (W I . W VI) of Interest in Fusion Research 13
Hyun-Kyung Chung, Mau H. Chen, Yuri Ralchenko, and Richard W. Lee FLYCHK At NIST : The Population Kinetics Modeling Capability 14
J.-Y. Zhang, Z.-C. Yan, and U. Schwingenschlögl Elastic scattering of positronium: Application of the confined variational method 15
T. Carette, L. Argenti, M. Dahlström, and E. Lindroth Ab Initio Approach To The Study Of Transient States And Ultra-Fast Processes 16
M F R Grieve, C A Ramsbottom, and F P Keenan Electron Impact Excitation of Mg VIII 17
Valdas Jonauskas, Šarūnas Masys and Aušra Kynienė
Theoretical study of electron-impact ionization of W25+
J. Martin Laming Atomic Data Needs For Understanding Elemental and Isotopic Fractionation in the Solar Wind and Corona 19
Michael McIntyre and Penny Scott An IERM approach to photoionisation with application to H−, He-like and Be-like ions 20
Brendan M McLaughlin, Connor P Balance, and Robert C Forrey ELECTRON COLLISIONS WITH SMALL MOLECULES 21
Melike Ulu, Murat Yavuz, Resul Akpınar, Zehra Nur Ozer and Mevlut Dogan Using (e, 2e) technique for ionization of Argon by electron impact 23
Oleg Zatsarinny and Klaus Bartschat B-Spline R-Matrix with Pseudo-States Treatment of Electron Collisions with Neon 24
The LXCat team, presented by Oleg Zatsarinny Status Report on the Low-Temperature Plasma Data Exchange Project (PDEP) 25
R. Dragoset, J. Fuhr, A.E. Kramida, P. Mohr, K. Olsen, and Yu. Ralchenko NIST Atomic and Molecular Databases on the World Wide Web 26
Brian R. Kent GRIDView: Analysis and Cataloging of Atomic Spectra for Galaxies 27
Alexander Kramida, Yuri Ralchenko, and Joseph Reader Current Status of Atomic Spectroscopy Databases at NIST 28
G. Mulas, C. Joblin, H. Sabbah, A. Saba, T. Louge, and the VAMDC consortium (PI: M.-L. Dubernet) Integrating PAH databases in the VAMDC Infrastructure 29
P.R. Young Fe VII: A Problem Ion For Solar Physics 30
Anthony J. Remijan, Robin L. Pulliam, Andrew Markwick, Brian R. Kent Splatalogue - Database for Molecular Spectroscopy in the New Era of Astronomical Facilities 31
B. J. Braams, H.-K. Chung, and K. Sheikh IAEA Projects on Atomic, Molecular and Plasma-material Interaction Data for Fusion 32
Murat Kurudirek Effective Atomic Number and Electron Density Studies in Some Water Equivalent Phantoms for MV X-Rays 33
Yang Liu, Yuming Chen, and Georges Zissis Influence of dissociative recombination of Hg2+ on an inductively coupled Ar-Hg discharge 34
C. Domesle, L. S. Harbo, O. Heber, B. Jordon-Thaden, L. Lammich, M. Förstel, T. Arion, U. Hergenhahn, S. Dziarzhytski, N. Gerassimova, R. Treusch, H. B. Pedersen, and A. Wolf Fast beam experiments on XUV and soft-X-ray photofragmentation of molecules 35
Vipin Bahadur Singh Molecular Spectroscopy Data of Some Diatomic Metal Halides 36