ICAMDATA 2000 - Invited Lectures (England)
Name Lecture Title
Mohr Fundamental Constants: Opening Talk
Penetrante Data Needs: Enviornment
Kanai Data Needs: Heavy-Ion Radiotherapy
Brickhouse Data Needs: Astrophysics- X-Ray Applications
Wharmby Data Needs:Astrophysics-Low Energy Lighting
Bogaerts Data Needs: Plasma Modeling
Schram Data Needs: Heavy Particle Kinetics in Plasmas
Graham Data Needs: Plasma Diagnostics
Behringer Data Needs: Fusion Plasmas
Kido Data Needs: Surface Collisions
Chance Data Needs: Atmospheric Processes
Takabe Data Needs: Laser Fusion Plasmas
Burke Data Producers: E-Atom, Molecule (Theory)
Maerk Data Producers: Stark Broadening (Theory), E-Atom, Molecule (Expt)
Brouillard Data Producers: Heavy Particle (Expt)
Kim Electron-Impact Total Ionization Cross Sections for Polyatomic Molecules
Hibbert Data Producers: Atomic Structures
Hilpert Data Producers: Thermochemical Data
Ellinger Data Producers: Quantum Chemistry
Zeippen Data Producers: Low Temp Plasmas Transition Probabilities
Millar Data Centers: Astrochemistry
Rothman Data Centers: Atmospheric Molecules
Reader Data Centers: Spectral Line Data for Atoms
Clark Data Centers: Plasma Modeling Data Ion Spectra
Kato Panel Discussion on Databases: Japan and Asia Databases
Delcroix Data Centers: ADAS, Data Producers and Users