ICAMDATA 2002 - Invited Lectures (Tennessee)
Name Lecture Title
K. Bartshat Benchmark Calculations for Electron Collisions with Complex Atoms
P. Bergstrom The Use of Atomic Data in Applications Involving Ionizing Radiation
M. Born Physical Aspects of Mercury-free High Pressure Discharge Lamps
R. Celiberto Cross Section Data for Hydrogen Plasma Applications
A.N. Davies Atomic and molecular databases
R. Doron The Effect of High-lying Configurations and Ionization and Recombination Processes on Atomic Models Relevant to Spectroscopic Analyses of Solar and Stellar Coronal Spectra
A. Faenov Spectr-W3 Online Database on Atomic Properties of Atoms and Ions
P. Fauchais Atomic and Molecular Data Needs in Thermal Plasmas
K. Hassouni Modeling of Moderate Pressure Microwave Plasmas Used for Diamond Deposition. Collisional Data Required for Process Simulation
S. Johansson The Lund Atomic Astrophysics Program: Experimental Atomic Data for Astrophysics and Other Applications
R. Kurucz Atomic and Molecular Data Needs for Astrophysics
P.S. Krstic Atomic and Molecular Databases for Fusion Divertor Plasma
H. Kubo Atomic and Molecular Processes for Heat and Particle Control in Tokamaks
D. Leckrone Data needs and applications in astrophysics
G. Lister The Physics of Fluorescent Lamps: Do We Understand the Atomic Processes?
R. Lucchese Electron-molecule collisions in the Static-Exchange Correlation-Polarization Approximation
B.M. McLaughlin Electron Molecule Collisions
A. Mueller Experimental Data on Electron-Ion Collisions
H.Nikjood Application of Track Structure in Radiation Biophysics and Dosimetry
J.K. Olthoff Database of Electron Interaction Data for Plasma Processing Gases
H.G. Paretzke Laboratory data needs and applications
S. Pasquiers Atmospheric Pollutant Removal by Non-thermal Plasmas: Basic Data Needs for Understanding and Optimization of the Process
Z. Rudzikas Theoretical Atomic Data: Universality and Precision
J.R. Rumble Jr. Data in Modern Science: New Methods for Scientific Discovery
A. Ryabtsev Atomic and molecular databases
S. Samukawa Control of Reactive Species in Plasma Etching Processes
P. Stancil Charge Transfer Data Needs for Cometary X-ray Emission Modeling
K. Suzuki Ultraviolet Production Efficiency of AC-PDPs and Ways to Increase It
H. Tanaka Electron Collision Data for Polyatomic Molecules in Plasma Processing and Environmental Processes
L. Toburen Laboratory Data Needs and Applications for Assessing Radiation Effects in Biological Materials
W.P. West Atomic Physics Processes Important to the Understanding of the Scrape-Off Layer of Tokamaks
C. Winstead Developing Cross Section Sets for Fluorocarbon Etchants
L. Ziurys Interstellar Molecules: Data Needs for an Expanding Discipline