ICAMDATA 2004 - Invited Lectures (Japan)
Name AffiliationLecture Title
D. ReiterInstitute of Plasma Physics, Juelich, Germany The role of Atomic and Molecular Processes in Magnetic Fusion Plasmas
D.R.SchultzORNL, USA Present activities of the ORNL Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center
S. SudoNIFS, Japan New Multi-functional Diagnostic Method with Tracer-encapsulated Pellet Injection on LHD
T. FujimotoKyoto University, Japan Plasma Polarization Spectroscopy: A+M data Aspects
U. FantzMax-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Germany Molecular Diagnostics of Fusion and Laboratory Plasmas
E. SalzbornGiessen University, Germany Ion-Ion Collision Processes: Experiment
R. B. Laughlin (Nobel Laureate)Director, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea The Physical Basis of Computability
J. KaastraSpace Research Organization Netherlands, The Netherlands Atomic Data Needs for X-ray Spectroscopy of Photoionized Plasmas
A. PradhanThe Ohio State Univerity, USA The IRON project and the Rmax Project: R-Matrix Data for Astrophysical Applications
S. JohanssonLund University, Sweden Oscillator Strengths, How to meet the present and future needs in astrophysics
N. DjuricJet Propulsion Laboratory, USA Experimental Studies on Electron-Impact Excitation of Atomic and Molecular Ions
M. E. BannisterORNL, USA Experiments on Electron-Impact Ionization of Atomic and Molecular Ions
R.E.H. ClarkIAEA, Austria Recent data generation activities at the Atomic and Molecular Data Unit of the IAEA
E. RoueffObservatoire de Paris, France Understanding the physics and chemistry of interstellar clouds: Atomic and Molecular data needs
N. KouchiTokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Measurements of the fluorescence cross sections in the photoexcitation of CH4, NH3 and H2O in the vacuum ultraviolet range: the role of doubly excited states
Y. RheeKAERI, Korea AMO Database in KAERI and Atomic Structure Studies
G. O'SullivanUniversity College Dublin, Ireland Recent Progress in Source Development for EUV lithography
K. NishiharaOsaka University, Japan Atomic Data for Laser Produced Plasma Extreme Ultra Violet Light Source
J. YanInstitute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China Recent Progress of CRAAMD A+M Database and Related Activities
J. E. LawlerUniversity of Wisconsin, USA Spectroscopic Data for Neutral and Ionized Rare Earth Elements
K. AokiNational Astronomical Observatory, Japan Isotope abundance analysis from stellar spectra
Yu. RalchenkoNIST, USA New Generation of the NIST Atomic Databases
T. MakabeKeio University, Japan Atomic and Molecular Data Needs for Design of Plasma Etching System
K.W.WhangSeoul National University, Korea Numerical Simulation for PDP Plasma
T. KatoNIFS, Japan NIFS Atomic and Molecular Data Research Center Activities
M. LarssonStockholm University, Sweden Dissociative Recombination: Results from Storage Rings
F. EspositoInstitute of Inorganic Methodologies and Plasmas of C.N.R., Italy Detailed cross section calculations of atom-molecule energy transfer processes and dissociation for hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen
L.P. PresnyakovP.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia Photo-Dissociation and Free-Free Absorption of Molecular Ions New and Old Theoretical Tools for Evaluating Cross Sections for Ion-Atom Collisions
M. KimuraKyushu University, Japan Charge transfer processes in ion-molecule collisions at intermediate energies; the vibrational effect, isotope effect, isomer effect, and steric effect
Y. SatoNational Institute of Radiological Science, Japan Secondary Electrons from Water Vapor with Impact of 6.0 MeV/u He2+ Ions: Atomic Data and their Application to Biomedical Investigations
S. FritzscheKassel University, Germany Reliable atomic data calculations: Requirements and presently available tools
F.B. RosmejCNRS/Universite de Provence, France A New Class of Relevant Atomic Data for Transient and Opaque Plasmas
N. NakamuraThe University of Electro- Communications, Japan EBIT (Electron Beam Ion Trap) Potential for Atomic Data Production
S. BuckmanAustralian national University, Australia Electron Collisions in our Atmosphere - How the Microscopic Drives the Macroscopic
H. FukunishiTohoku University, Japan Atomic and Molecular Processes in Lightning-induced Sprite Events
W. GoedheerFOM Institute for Plasma Physics, The Netherlands, Modeling of dusty plasmas, A+M data needs
V. KolobovCFD research Corporation, USA Simulations of non-equilibrium plasmas for materials processing and lighting: A&M data needs