ICAMDATA 2006 - Invited Lectures (France)
Name Lecture Title
R.W. LeeAtomic data collection with the new 4th generation x-ray light sources
Marie-Lise DubernetThe Virtual Observatory: its goals and the relevance of atomic and molecular data
Klaus BartschatHigh-Precision Cross Sections for Low-Energy Electron-Atom Collisions
Daren StotlerAtomic Physics in ITER. The Foundation for the Next Step to Fusion power
Nigel MasonElectron induced processing; Applications and data needs
Kate KirbyAtomic and molecular physics for forefront astronomy
Bernd SchweerPlasma-wall interactions in fusion devices and plasma processing technology
Michael BrungerData needs and modeling of the upper atmosphere
Peter VentzekModeling and data needs for plasma processing in semiconductor manufacturing
Rosine LallementCharge Exchange X-ray emission
Torsten MarkusThermodynamic data for modeling of LTE plasmas
Yuri Ralchenko(DBD) Data Base demonstration I
Edouard AuditNumerical modeling for intense laser physics
Hugh SummersADAS: atomic data, modelling and analysis for fusion
Jose CernicharoTerahertz spectroscopy in space with the future instruments Herschel and ALMA
Tetsuya WatanabeSolar and LHD plasma Diagnostics in EUV
Boris PotapkinFirst principle based development of the kinetic mechanisms in chemically active light emitting and Gases
Michael AllanImproved techniques of measuring accurate electron - molecule cross sections near threshold
Ann OrelResonant dissociative attachment, vibrational excitation and recombination of molecules
Jiri HoracekLong-lived states of molecular hydrogen anion
Christophe LauxChallenges in the spectroscopic modeling of air plasma radiation for aerospace applications
Michael FinkenthalAtomic data needs for laboratory and astrophysical plasma physics research
Kelly ChanceSpectroscopic needs for atmospheric pollution measurements
Walter LapatovichThe Role of Molecules in Low Temperature Plasmas for Lighting
David Schultz(DBD) Data Base Demonstration II
Rudolf NeuTungsten spectroscopy for fusion plasmas
Thomas KrueckenPlasma and radiation modeling of EUV sources for micro lithography
Motoshi GotoPlasma spectroscopy for magnetically confined fusion plasma
Amiel SternbergAtoms, Molecules, and Radiation in the Interstellar Medium
Verena GrillMolecular data for biological applications
Jianmin YuanAtomic data for opacity calculations
Andreii StarostinKinetic coefficients in dense media