ICAMDATA 2008 - Invited Lectures (China)
Name Lecture Title
Jiaming LiProgress of Atomic and Molecular Physics for Chinese Scientific Data
Alexander DalgarnoAtomic and Molecular Data and Astrophysics
Christoph BiedermannSpectroscopy of highly charged ions relevant to fusion plasmas
M. BenilovModeling interaction of thermal plasmas with electrodes
Tomas BrageForbidden and Unexpected Atomic Transitions
Hartmut HotopHigh Resolution Studies of Electron Attachment to Molecules
Linfan ZhuRecent Development in Electron Impact Experiments in Hefei
Gang ZhaoLaboratory Astrophysics and Stellar Spectroscopy in China
Florian KerberAstronomical Spectroscopy: Calibration Sources for the Near Infrared
Svetlana BerdyuginaMolecules in magnetic fields: Applications for astrophysics
Shaoping ZhuNumerical Simulation on Laser Fusion in China
David CosterSimulations of the edge plasma: the role of atomic, molecular and surface physics
Konstantin KoshelevAtomic Data for EUV Lithography
Jianguo WangDebye Plasma Effects on Atomic Structure and Dynamics
Paul ScheierElectron attachment to and identification of explosives
Mario CacciatoreH/D atom recombination on graphite and tungsten surfaces
Tomohide NakanoBalance of ionization and recombination of carbon ions in high density peripheral JT-60U tokamak
Lyudmila BureevaUniversal representation of the H-like spectral line shapes
Daniel ZajfmanLow energy, cold molecular ion dissociative recombination using the heavy ion technique
Jan van DijkThe Plasma Modelling Toolkit Plasimo: Input Data Needs and Management
Joelle MargotModeling etching plasmas: needs and challenges in atomic and molecular data
Sakiyama YukinoriModeling and Data Needs of Atmospheric Pressure Gas Plasma and Biomaterial
Odile DutuitNeeds of chemical reaction data for planetary atmospheres
R.E.H. ClarkAtomic Data for Fusion Energy Research
Yuri RalchenkoModern trends in exchange of atomic and molecular data