ICAMDATA 2014 - Invited Lectures (Germany)
Name Lecture Title
Paul BarklemAtomic Data for Non-LTE Modelling of Cool Star Spectra
Klaus BartschatBenchmark Calculations for Electron Collisions with Complex Atoms and Ions
Jacek BieronAb Initio MCDHF Calculations of Electron-Nucleus Interactions
Sandra Br.nkenSpectroscopy of Molecular Ions for Astrophysics
Elisa CostantiniDust in the Interstellar Space and in the Laboratory
Yann CressaultData Needs for Thermal Plasma Modelling
Chenzhong DongTheoretical Study on Electron Impact Excitation and Related Polarization Properties of Subsequent Photoemission
Keisuke FujiiNeutral Hydrogen Dynamics in Fusion Core Plasmas Revealed by High Dynamic Range Balmer-a Spectroscopy
Michel GodefroidVariational Calculations of Isotope Shift and Hyperfine Structure Electronic Factors
Pierre GratierKIDA: the Kinetic Database for Astrochemistry
Michael HahnStorage-Ring Measurements of Electron-Impact Ionization Cross Sections for Ions of Astrophysical Interest
Ulrike HeiterAtomic and Molecular Data for Stellar Spectroscopy
Masamitsu HoshinoElastic Differential Cross Sections for Fluorine Compound Molecules by Low-Energy Electron Impact
Paul IndelicatoPrecise X-Ray Wavelength Measurements on the Helium Sequence
Hae June LeeUtilization of Plasma Chemistry and Surface Reaction Data in Plasma Simulations
Nigel MasoneMOL: Data Evaluation for Electon Molecule Collsions
Peter MohrCODATA Developments and the Muonic Hydrogen Puzzle
Alfred MullerPrecision Studies of Deep\u2013Inner-Shell Photoabsorption by Ions
Martin O'MullaneDatabase Provision of Atomic Data for Fusion Modelling
Gerry O'SullivanSources for Beyond Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Water Window Imaging
Randolf PohlMuonic Hydrogen and the Proton Radius Puzzle
Yuri RalchenkoApplication of Large Datasets to Analysis of Spectra from Highly-Charged High-Z Ions
Marianna SafronovaPrecision Calculation of Atomic Properties
Mi-Young SongCross Sections for Electron Collisions with Methane
Joachim UllrichPhysical Units Based on Fundamental Constants - Changing with Time?
Vladimir YerokhinQED Calculations of Electronic Structure of Atoms