ICAMDATA 2016 - Invited Lectures (Korea)
Name Lecture Title
Alex M ImaiScaling Rules of Electron Capture Cross Sections for Slow Low- q Ions on Gaseous Targets
Annarita LaricchiutaH-H+ Resonant Charge-Exchange in Debye Plasmas
Bobby AntonyScross Section Data for Electron/positron scattering: A Theoretical Approach
Bowen LiFundamental Atomic Data for Fusion, Lithography and Other Applications
Daiji KatoAtomic Data Research for Visible M1 Line Emission of Ground-state highly charged Tungsten Ions in Plasma
Duck-Hee KwonElectron Impact Ionization, Recombination, And Photon Emissivity Coefficients for Tungsten Ions
G. DrakePolarizability and Tune-Out Wavelength for the Helium 1S2S3S State
Gary FerlandThe Atomic Physics Challenges and Astrophysical Opportunities Posed by Nasa\u2019S James Webb Space Telescope
Grzegorz KarwaszElectron scattering on atoms and molecules: search for semi-empirical indications
G.enter WeberElectron Loss Studies of Many-Electron, Heavy Ions
H. ChungInternationally Coordinated Activites on Assessing Atomic, Molecular and Plasma-Surface Interaction Data for Fusion Applications
Hayato OhashiExperimental results of optical emission spectroscopy of laser-produced and electron beam ion trap plasmas with high-Z elements related to light sources in the extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray region
James HamiltonQUANTEMOL Validated Chemistry Database: Calculated Cross Sections for Electron NFx Collisions as An
Kai WangAccurate Calculations of Energy Structures and radiation rates for L-shell ions of astrophysics interest
Lin-Fan ZhuOptical Oscilator Stengths of Valence-Shell Excitations of Atoms and Molecules Determiend by The Dipole (\u0194,\u0194) Method
M. O'MullaneUQ activities for ADAS database
Masashi KitajimaLow-Energy and Very-Low Energy Total Cross Sections for Electron Collisions With Noble-Gas Atoms and Small Molecules
Nancy BrickhouseApplications of Accurate and Complete Atomic Data for X-Ray Astrophysical Spectra
Oleksandr MarchukAtomic Model for Fast Atoms in Fusion Plasmas
Randall SmithModelling Hot Diffuse Non-Equilibrium Plasmas with ATOMDB
Stephan FritzscheRole of Shake-Up Transitions on the Auger Cascades of Light and Medium Elements
Tanya RyabchikovaA+M DATA: Data Organization IN A+M DAtabases and Their Use for Stellar Spectroscopy
Tchang-Brillet LydiaRecent Results on High Resolution VUV Emission Spectra of Moderately Charged Heavy Atomic Ions
Tetsutarou OishiA Study of W I-W VII Line Emissions from Low-Ionized Tungsten Ions in Large Helical Device
Viatcheslav KokooulineUncertainty evaluation in theoretical calculations of cross sections for electron-molecule collisions