ICAMDATA 2018 - Invited Talks (Cambridge, MA)
Name AffiliationLecture Title
Christian Hill IAEA, Austria Recent Activities in Atomic and Molecular Data at the IAEA: Coordination, Evaluation and Crowdsourcing
Takeshi Higashiguchi Utsunomiya Univ., Japan Efficient water-window soft x-ray UTA sources for in vivo bio-imaging
Mi-Young Song NFRI, Korea A+M Data Center Activities for Plasma Technology in the National Fusion Research Institute
Oscar Versolato ARCNL, Netherlands Atomic Data of Sn8-14+ Ions for Laser-produced Tin Plasmas for Nanolithography
Charlie ConroyCfA, USA Line lists for astronomical spectra
Esra Bulbul CfA, USA The Role of Atomic Data in Dark Matter Searches
Ioan Schneider Univ. du Havre, France Electron-Impact Excitation and Fragmentation of Molecular Cations Relevant for the Edge Plasmas and Astrochemistry
Izumi Murakami NIFS, Japan Spectroscopic Modeling for EUV Spectra of Highly Charged Tungsten Ions Including Recombination Processes
Dmitry Fursa Curtin Univ., Australia Electron-impact excitation of molecular hydrogen: dissociation and vibrationally resolved cross sections
Alexander Kramida NIST, USA Cowan Code: 50 Years of Growing Impact on Atomic Physics
Peter Schwerdtfeger New Zealand Inst. for Advanced Study Accurate Atomic Polarizabilities from Relativistic Coupled-Cluster Theory
An-Wen Liu USTC, China Molecular Spectroscopic Parameters Retrieved with Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy
Emma Sokell Univ. College Dublin, Ireland XUV Spectra from Laser-produced Plasmas and Potential Industrial Applications
Connor Ballance QUB, UK Uncertainty Integration within R-matrix Calculations Supporting Diagnostic Capabilities within Astrophysical and Magnetically-confined Plasmas
Clara Sousa-Silva MIT, USA Molecular Simulations for the Spectroscopic Detection of Biosignature Gases and Other Volatiles
Jeff Valenti STScI, USA Still Not Enough Ultraviolet Opacity in Models of Cool Star Atmospheres
Rana Ezzeddine MKI, MIT, USA The Chemical Compositions of Stars: Accurate Abundance Determinations in Stellar Atmospheres using Non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (Non-LTE) Models
Leanne Pitchford LAPLACE, France Data Needs for Modeling Low-Temperature Plasmas