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13. Explanation of Tables and Tabulated Figures

The Tables follow a consistent grid. The figures are adapted to highlight the region of energy affected for each element, and hence vary with the atomic number.

NOTE: The symbols used here are slightly different from Chantler [16], in order to clearly differentiate the mass attenuation coefficients from the atomic cross-sections and the linear absorption coefficients, but the meanings are identical.

Z   Atomic number
E Energy in keV
λ Equivalent wavelength using E. λ = 1.239 842 44 keV - nm, from ref. [15]
Atomic weight g/mol, used in determination of conversion factors
ρ Nominal density in typical elemental material for determination of linear absorption coefficients = [/ρ]ρ
τPE = σPE Atomic photoabsorption cross-section in barns/atom
Edge energies Values taken from ref. [76]
Edge labels Spectroscopic notation (K = 1s, LI = 2s, LII = 2p1/2, et seq.)
f1, f2 Atomic form factors in eu (electrons/atom) for forward scattering following (eq 4) and (eq 7).
frel Relativistic correction to Re(f), following ref. [6] (denoted H82), and refs. [22-25], scaled as in refs. [16,17], [60] (denoted 3/5CL)
fNT Nuclear Thomson correction to Re(f) following (eq 4) and ref. [10,11]
f2, K-shell Component of f2 relating to the isolated K-shell orbital
[/ρ]PE = σPE/uA Mass photoelectric attenuation coefficient (cm2/g)
[/ρ]PE,K Component of [/ρ]PE relating to the isolated K-shell orbital (cm2/g)
σ/ρ (coh+inc) Estimate of coherent and incoherent (σcoh + σincoh) scattering cross-section sum (cm2/g)
[/ρ]tot = σtot/uA Mass attenuation coefficient (cm2/g) (eq 8)
Full lines on plots Current theoretical tabulation for f1, f2
+ Earlier theoretical implementation [16] showing limited convergence near selected edges
Thick dashes Henke et al., experimental synthesis (ref. [32,33])
Dotted curves with crosses Theoretical results for comparison reinterpolated from ref. [28,29], [34], for f2 and [/ρ]
Circles with error bars Experimental results, summarized in ref. [34]

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