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Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include H2O (Water)

The Mass Absorption and Mass Scattering Coefficients for Homogeneous X Rays of Wavelength Between 0.13 and 1.05 Angstrom Units in Water, Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Aluminum and Iron
Hewlett, C. W.,
Phys. Rev. 17, 284-301 (1921)
(11.76-118.1 keV: Li, C, N, O, Al, Fe, H2O)

Absorption Coefficients for Homogeneous X-Rays
Taylor, E. G.,
Phys. Rev. 20, 709-714 (1922)
(17.4 keV: C, H, O, Al, C10H16, C6H6, C7H8, C3H8O, C4H8O2, C3H6O, C3H6O2, C3H8O2, H2O, Acetone)

X-Ray Absorption Coefficients of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
Olson, A. R., Dershem, E., and Storch, H. H.,
Phys. Rev. 21, 30-37 (1923)
(12.69-65.29 keV: C, H, O, C6H6, C6H5CH3, C6H4(CH3)2, C6H3(CH3)3, C7H16, C6H12O, H2O)

The Absorption and Scattering of Hard Gamma-Rays
Chao, C. Y.,
Sci. Rep. Tsing Hua Univ. 1, 159-176 (1932) (See also Proc. R. Soc. London, Sect. A 135, 206-213 (1932) Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S. 16, 431-433 (1930))
(2.63 MeV: Al, Cu, Zn, Sn, Pb, H2O)

La Variation du Coefficient d'Absorption des Rayons Gamma durs en Fonction du Numero Atomique
Gentner, W. and Starkiewicz, J.,
J. Phys. Radium 6, 340-346 (1935)
(2.62 MeV: Li, Mg, Al, S, Cu, Zn, Ag, H2O)

Absorption of Short Wave-length X-Rays
Mayneord, M. V. and Roberts, J. E.,
Nature (London) 136, 793 (1935)
(210 keV: Li, Be, C, O, Mg, Al, S, Ca, Fe, Cu, Se, Rh, Pd, Sn, I, Ta, Pt, Pb, H2O, Ethyl Alcohol, D2O)

The Absorption of Gamma-Rays from 60-Co
Mayneord, W. V. and Cipriani, A. J.,
Can. J. Res. 25A, 303-314 (1947)
(1.25 MeV: Be, C, Al, Fe, Cu, Ag, Pt, Hg, Pb, Bi, U, H2O, D2O)

Absorption Coefficients of Gamma-Rays
Wyard, S. J.,
Phys. Rev. 87, 165 (1952) (See also: Proc. Phys. Soc. London, Ser A 66, 382-390 (1953))
(0.279-1.51 MeV: C, Al, Cu, Mo, Ag, W, Pb, U, H2O)

Absorption Coefficients of 60-Co Gamma Rays
Ghose, A. M. and Ganguly, N. K.,
Trans. Bose Res. Inst. Calcutta 29, 141-153 (1952-1953)
(1.25 MeV: O, Al, Cu, Br, I, Pb, H2O)

Gamma-Ray Absorption Coefficients at 6.13 MeV
Paul, R. S.,
Phys. Rev. 96, 1563-1565 (1954)
(6.13 MeV: C, Al, Cu, Cd, Sn, Pb, U, H2O, NaI)

A New Technique for Measurement of Absorption Coefficients of Gamma Rays of Different Energies in Different Absorbers
Mahmoud, K. A.,
Proc. Third Arab Congress, Cairo, 726-740 (1957)
(0.4118-2.76 MeV: C, Fe, Sn, Pb, H2O, Concrete)

Total Photon Absorption in 12-C and 16-0
Wolff, M. M.,
Univ. of Pa. (Phila.) Tech. Rep. No. 4 (May 1978)
(20.29-20.81 MeV: C, O, H2O)

X-Ray Attenuation Coefficients from 13 to 80 MeV for Hydrogen, Carbon, Water and Aluminum
Wyckoff, J. M. and Koch, H. W.,
Phys. Rev. 117, 1261-1274 (1960)
(13.3-82.2 MeV: H, C, Al, H2O)

Experimental Determination of the Absorption Coefficients of Gamma Rays through Different Barriers
Bashandy, E.,
Int. J. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 13, 173-178 (1962)
(0.32-1.32 MeV: C, Al, Fe, Pb, H2O, Concrete)

Absorption Measurements on X-Ray Contrast Media with Monochromatic Radiation
Schoknecht, G.,
Biophysik 1, 114-122 (1963)
(17.4 keV: I, H2O, NaI)

Total Gamma Absorption in Be9, O16, F19, and Al27 at 20 MeV
Tessler, G. and Stephens, W. E.,
Phys Rev. 135, B129-B136 (1964) (See also Tessler, G., Thesis (same title), Univ. of Pa, Philadelphia, 1964)
(19.97-22.05 MeV: Be, Al, H2O, Teflon (CF2))

Attenuation of Gamma Radiation from 60-Co, 137-Cs, 192-Ir, and 226-Ra in Various Materials Used in Radiology
Thoraeus, R.,
Acta Radiol., Ther., Phys., Biol. 3 (New Series), 81-86 (1965)
(0.66-1.25 MeV: Al, Cu, Pb, U, H2O, Pressed Wood, Polystyrene, Plexiglass, Stainless Steel, W-alloy)

Dose Buildup Factors of Plane Parallel Barriers for 137-Cs Plane Monodirectional Source
Kanemori, Y.,
Nucl. Sci. Eng. 28, 144-145 (1967)
(.662 MeV: C, Al, Fe, Pb, H2O, Glass, Concrete, Magnetite concrete)

Tables of Total Absorption Cross Sections for Photons of Energy between 10 and 30 MeV in Be, C, N2H4, H2O, HF, Si and Ca
Bezic, N., Brajnik, D., Jamnik, D., Kernel, G., and Miklavzic, U.,
IJS Rep. R-572 (1969) (See also: Nucl. Instrum. Methods 75, 190-196 (1961))
(7.72-30.69 MeV: Be, C, Si, Ca, N2H4, H2O, HF)

Measurement of Photo-Absorption Cross Sections in the Energy Region 10-30 MeV with a Magnetic Compton Spectrometer
Bezic, N., Brinsek, A., Kernel, G., Snajder, J., and Jamnik, D.,
Nucl. Instrum. Methods 75, 190-196 (1969)
(8.-31. MeV: C, Si, Ca, N2H4, H2O, HF)

The Effective Atomic Number and the Calculation of the Composition of Phantom Materials
Weber, J. and Van den Berge, D. J.,
Br. J. Radiol. 42, 378-383 (1969)
(23.-662. keV: Al, Cu, Pb, H2O, B2O3, (CH2)n)

Spectres d'absorption de H2O, NH3 et CH4 dans l'ultraviolet extreme (100-500 Angstrom)
de Reilhac, L. and Damany-Astoin, N.,
Spectrochim. Acta A 26, 801-810 (1970)
(0.0279-0.1116 keV: H2O, NH3, CH4)

Absorption Coefficients and Ionization Yields of some Small Molecules at 58.4 nm
Bennett, S. W., Tellinghuisen, J. B., and Phillips, L. F.,
J. Phys. Chem. 75, 719-721 (1971)
(21.22 eV: H, N, O, Ar, Xe, CO, NO, N2O, H2O, NH3, CO2, CH4, C2H6, CH4O, C2H6O, C3H7O, C4H10O)

Absorption and Photoionization Cross Sections for H2O and D2O in the Vacuum Ultraviolet
Katayama, D. H., Huffman, R. E., and O'Bryan, C. L.,
J. Chem. Phys. 59, 4309-4319 (1973)
(0.01264-0.01907 keV: H2O, D2O)

Determination of the Electronic Density and the Average Atomic Number of Tissues in Man by Gamma-Ray Attenuation
Joyet, G. Baudraz, A., and Joyet, M. L.,
Experientia 30, 1338-1341 (1974)
(28.5-661.6 keV: C, Al, H2O, Striated muscle, fat, brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, thyroid, testes, skin, aorta, vena cava, cartilage)

Measurements of Bremsstrahlung Spectra and Total Photon Absorption Cross Sections for Elemental Materials
Sugiyama, S.,
Researches of the Electrotechnical Lab., No. 744 (Feb. 1974), 56 p. (See also Denshi Gijutsu Sogo Kenkyujo Kenkyu Hokuku No. 44, 1-56 (1974)
(6.0-24.2 MeV: Mg, Nb, Bi, H2O)

Total Nuclear Photon Absorption Cross Sections for Some Light
Ahrens, J., Borchert, H., Czock, K. H., Eppler, H. B., Gimm, H., Gundrum, H., Kroning, M., Riehn, P., Sita Ram, G., Zieger, A., and Ziegler, B.,
Nucl. Phys. A 251, 479-492 (1975)
Elements (10.18-209.08 MeV: Li, Be, C, O, Al, Ca, H2O)

Private comm. with letter dated 10/29/75
Damany-Astoin, N.,
(0.0310-0.1240 keV: N, O, NO, CO, N2O, CO2, H2O, NH3, CH4, CH3OH, C2H5OH, C3H7OH)

Attenuation Coefficients of Various Body Tissues, Fluids, and Lesions at Photon Energies of 18 to 136 keV
Phelps, M. E., Hoffman, E. J., and Ter-Pogossian, M. M.,
Radiology 117, 573-583 (1975)
(17.7-136.3 keV: H2O, 30 biological materials)

Attenuation of Monoenergetic Gamma Rays in Tissues
Rao, P. S. and Gregg, E. C.,
Am. J. Roentg. 123, 631-637 (1975)
(27.-662. keV: H2O, "Mix-D", polystyrene, plexiglass, egg white, egg yolk, various muscle, brain, liver, blood, normal and cancerous tissues)

Absolute Photoabsorption Cross Sections for H2O and D2O from Lambda 180-790 Angstroms
Phillips, E., Lee, L. C., and Judge, D. L.,
J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 18, 309-313 (1977)
(17.2-68.9 eV: H2O, D2O)

The Measurement of Attenuation Coefficients at Low Photon Energies Using Fluorescent X-Radiation
Peaple, L.H.J. and White, D. R.,
AERE-R 9051 (1978) 17p.
(9.88-17.44 keV: Al, Lucite, Polyethylene, H2O)

Measurement of the Total Photonuclear Cross Section for 16O in the Region of the Giant Dipole Resonance
Sherman, N. K., Davidson, W. F., and Claude, A.,
J. Phys. G 9, 1519-1526 (1983)
(3.-38. MeV: O, H2O)

Photon Cross Section Measurements in Compounds and Elements in the Energy Range 30-660 keV
Rao, A.S.N., Perumallu, A., and Rao, G. K.,
Physica C 124, 96-104 (1984) (See also: Perumallu, A., Rao, A.S.N., and Rao, G. K., Can J. Phys. 62, 454-459 (1984) Photon Interaction Measurements of Certain Compounds in the Energy Range 30-660 keV)
(32.1-661.6 keV: Direct Meas.: C, Al, S, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Mo, Ag, Cd, In, Sn, Sb, Te, I, Hg, Pb, Bi: Data derived from Compounds: O, Na, Cl, K, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Br, Sr, Ba, W, Th, U: Compounds Meas.: H2O, NaCl, CaF2, TiO2, NH4NO3, ZnO, NaNO3, KNO3, KH2PO4, GaAs, CaTe, KBrO3, MnSO4·H2O, CdCl2, ZnTe, Sr(NO3)2, InSb, (CH3COO)2·CO4·H2O, CuSO4·5H2O, Ba(NO3)2, ThO2, FeSO4·7H2O, CoSO4·7H2O, K2Cr2O7, NaWO4·2H2O, Na2B4O7·10H2O, UO2(CoO)2·3H2O, HgI2, Bi(NO3)3·5H2O)

Absolute Cross Section for the Photodisintegration of Deuterium
Birenbaum, Y., Kahane, S., and Moreh, R.,
Phys. Rev. C 32, 1825-1829 (1985)
(9.00-11.39 MeV: H2O)

Photon Absorptiometric Studies of Elements, Mixtures and Substances of Biomedical Interest
Bradley, D. A., Chong, C. S., and Ghose, A. M.,
Phys. Med. Biol. 31, 267-273 (1986)
(33.1-662. keV: C, Al, S, H2O, CaCO3, dry bone, bone standard, wax, polyethylene, polyisoprene, dried lean meat, fat, coconut oil, corn oil, ghee)

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