Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include InSb

Optical Absorption of Semiconductors from 15 to 170 eV
Cardona, M., Gudat, W., Sonntag, B., and Yu, P. Y.,
DESY F41-70/6 (1970)
(0.015-0.17 keV: Se, Ge, GaP, GaAs, GaSb, InP, InAs, InSb)

Photon Cross Section Measurements in Compounds and Elements in the Energy Range 30-660 keV
Rao, A.S.N., Perumallu, A., and Rao, G. K.,
Physica C 124, 96-104 (1984) (See also: Perumallu, A., Rao, A.S.N., and Rao, G. K., Can J. Phys. 62, 454-459 (1984) Photon Interaction Measurements of Certain Compounds in the Energy Range 30-660 keV)
(32.1-661.6 keV: Direct Meas.: C, Al, S, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Mo, Ag, Cd, In, Sn, Sb, Te, I, Hg, Pb, Bi: Data derived from Compounds: O, Na, Cl, K, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Br, Sr, Ba, W, Th, U: Compounds Meas.: H2O, NaCl, CaF2, TiO2, NH4NO3, ZnO, NaNO3, KNO3, KH2PO4, GaAs, CaTe, KBrO3, MnSO4·H2O, CdCl2, ZnTe, Sr(NO3)2, InSb, (CH3COO)2·CO4·H2O, CuSO4·5H2O, Ba(NO3)2, ThO2, FeSO4·7H2O, CoSO4·7H2O, K2Cr2O7, NaWO4·2H2O, Na2B4O7·10H2O, UO2(CoO)2·3H2O, HgI2, Bi(NO3)3·5H2O)

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