Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include KI

Far-Ultraviolet Spectra Due to 4d Electrons in the Alkali Iodides
Fujita, H., Gahwiller, C., and Brown, F. C.,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 22, 1369-1371 (1969)
(50.-170. eV: NaI, KI, CsI)

Extreme-Ultraviolet Spectra of Ionic Crystals
Brown, F. C., Gähwiller, C., and Fujita, H.,
Phys. Rev. B 2, 2126-2138 (1970)
(45.-240. eV: RbCl, AgCl, KBr, Kr, CsCl, KI, CsI)

Incoherent-Scattering Cross Sections in Low- and Medium-Z Elements Derived from the Measured Total Attenuation Cross Sections in Compounds
Umesh, T. K., Ranganathaiah, C., Gowda, R., Puttaswamy, K. S., and Sanjeevaiah, B.,
Phys. Rev. A 23, 2365-2373 (1981)
(279.2-1115.5 keV: Derived: H, Li, C, N, O, F, Na, Mg, Al, P, S, Cl, K, Ti, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Br, Rb, Sr, Zr, Ag, Cd, I, Ba; Measured: LiOH, MgO, NaF, NaCl, NaNO2, KCl, NiO, CuO, TiO2, NaHCO3, NaNO3, MnO2, CuCl, CrO3, Al2O3, Na2CO3, KBr, RbCl, ZrO2, SrF2, KH2PO4, Na2SO4, AgCl, BaO, KI, CdI2; Foils: Al, Cu, Zr, Ag)

A Simple Method of Determining the Photoeffect Cross Sections of Elements for Gamma Rays
Umesh, T. K. and Ranganathaiah, C.,
Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 5, 472-475 (1984)
(514.-1332.5 keV: AgCl, KI, BaO, La2O3, CeO2, PrO2, Nd2O3, Sm2O3, Gd2O3, Dy2O3, Ho2O3, Er2O3, Ta2O5, (HCOO)2·Pb, Bi2O3)

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