Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include CH2(OCH3)2

Photoionization Absorption of He, Kr, Xe, CH4 and Methylal in the 23.6-250 Angstrom Region
Lukirskii, A. P., Brytov, I. A., and Zimkina, T. M.,
Opt. Spectrosc. 17, 234-237 (1964)
(0.04949-0.5253 keV: He, Kr, Xe, CH4, CH2(OCH3)2)

Photoionization Absorption of Ar, Xe, Alcohol and Methylal in the 7-44 An gstrom Wavelength Range
Lukirskii, A. P., Brytov, I. A., and Gribovskii, S. A.,
Opt. Spektrosk. 20, 368-369 (1966); transl. in Opt. Spectrosc. 20, 203-204 (1966)
(0.279-1.776 keV: Xe, [CH2(OCH3)2] (Methyla l), [C2H5OH] (Alcohol))

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