Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include Paraffin

The Absorption of Hard Monochromatic Gamma-Radiation
Tarrant, G.T.P.,
Proc. R. Soc. London, Sect. A 128, 345-359 (1930)
(2.649 MeV: H, C, Na, Mg, Al, P, S, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi, Paraffin)

On the Absorption of X-Rays in Gases and Vapours. I. Gases
Crowther, J. A. and Orton, L.H.H.,
Philos. Mag. 13, 505-523 (1932) (See also Philos. Mag. 10, 329-342 (1930))
(6.407-8.056 keV: N, O, Al, Ar, C2H4, Air, CO2, H2S, C5H12, C6H14, C2H5Cl, Paraffin (CH2), (C2H5)2·O, CHCl2, CCl4, Zr(CH3)2, C2H5Br, CH3I)

Neubestimmung der Massenschwächungskoeffizienten monochromatischer Röntgenstrahlen für 16 Elemente und Paraffin zwischen 0.128 und 2.5 Angstrom
Grosskurth, K.,
Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 20, 197-232 (1934)
(5.42-96.9 keV: C, Al, S, Ni, Cu, Mo, Rh, Ag, Cd, In, Sn, Ta, W, Pt, Au, Pb, Paraffin)

The Absorption of Monochromatic X-Rays of Short Wave-length
Hahn, T. M.,
Phys. Rev. 46, 149-153 (1934)
(59.31-88.37 keV: H, C, Al, Cu, Ag, Ta, W, Pb, Paraffin)

Mesure du Coefficient d'Absorption Gamma par des Materiaux Utilises aux Constructions Nucleaires
Mavroyannakis, E. and Antoniades, J.,
Nucl. Res. Ctr. Democritus, Athens, Rep. DEMO-70/11 (1970)
(1.12-1.33 MeV: Al, Si, Fe, Ni, Cd, Sb, Pb, UO2, Stainless steel, Plexiglass, Paraffin, Asphalt, Teflon, Rubber, Masonite, Marble, Porcelain)

Measurements of Gamma-Ray Mass Attenuation Coefficients of Organic Scintillators
Goswami, B. and Chaudhuri, N.,
Nucl. Instrum. Methods 92, 433-434 (1971)
(0.079-1.33 MeV: C, Toluene, O-Xylene, Benzene, P-Cymene, Cyclohexane, Decalin, Paraffin, Anisole, Plastic Scintillator)

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