Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include Plumber Solder (50Pb-50Sn)

Experimental Effective Atomic Numbers for the Photoelectric Process in Some Alloys at 84 and 145 keV
Siddapa, K., Nayak, N. G., Balakrishna, K. M., and Lingappa, N.,
Nucl. Sci. Eng. 93, 57-61 (1986)
(84.-145. keV: brass [66% Cu-34% Zn], gunmetal [86% Cu-10% Sn-4Z% n], bell metal [75% Cu-25% Sn], solder soft [40% Pb-60% Sn], plumber solder [50% Pb-50% Sn], solder [67% Pb-33% Sn], linotype metal [79% Pb-16% Sb-5% Sn])

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