Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include CH3I

The Absorption of the K X-Rays of Silver in Gases and Gaseous Mixtures
Burbidge, P. W.,
Philos. Mag. 43, 381-392 (1922)
(22.16 keV: Air, CO2, SO2, CH3I)

On the Absorption of X-Rays in Gases and Vapours. I. Gases
Crowther, J. A. and Orton, L.H.H.,
Philos. Mag. 13, 505-523 (1932) (See also Philos. Mag. 10, 329-342 (1930))
(6.407-8.056 keV: N, O, Al, Ar, C2H4, Air, CO2, H2S, C5H12, C6H14, C2H5Cl, Paraffin (CH2), (C2H5)2·O, CHCl2, CCl4, Zr(CH3)2, C2H5Br, CH3I)

Die Schwachung monochromatischer Röntgenstrahlen in fl ssigem und gasformigem CS2, CH2Cl2 und C2H5Br sowie in gasformigem CH3I zwischen 0.1263 und 1.933 Angstromen
Hansen, H.,
Ann. Phys. 35, 524-546 (1939)
(6.403-77.10 keV: S, Cl, Br, I, CS2, CH2Cl2, C2H5Br, CH3I)

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