Publications on Photon Cross Sections Bibliographic Database

that include Polypropylene (C3H6)n

The X-Ray Absorption of Polypropylene, Melinex and Carbon between 44 and 85 Angstrom
Denne, D. R.,
J. Phys. D 3, 1405-1406 (1970)
(0.151-0.277 keV: C, Melinex, Polypropylene (C3H6)n)

Mass Absorption Coefficients for Polyproplene and Parylene C between 8.34 Angstroms and 452 Angstroms
Caruso, A. J.,
Appl. Optics 13, 1744-1745 (1974)
(0.0274-1.487 keV: (C3H6)n (polypropylene), C8H7Cl (parylene C))

Photoelectric Quantum Efficiencies and Filter Window Absorption Coefficients from 20 eV to 10 keV
Day, R. H., Lee, P., Saloman, E. B., and Nagel, D. J.,
J. Appl. Physics 52, 6965-6973 (1981)
(26.-255. eV: Al, Formvar, Kimfoil, Polypropylene)

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