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Assigned Keyword List

One or more of these keywords is assigned to each paper in the bibliographic database.
Each keyword or phrase is followed by an abbreviation code that may be entered instead.

Action at a distance in electrodynamics: aod1
Aharonov-Bohm effect: abe1
Ampere/ current: amp1
Angle measurement/radian: rad1
Angular Momentum in quantum mechanics: angmom1
Antihydrogen: ah1
Antiprotonic helium: aphe1
Antiprotonic other atoms: apoa1
Atomic mass constant/unified atomic mass unit/dalton: muuda1
Atomic radiative decay: ard1
Atom Interferometry: ai1
Atom, n, e-p charge neutrality: anepn1
Avogadro constant: avc1
Avogadro constant - other: avco1
Avogadro constant - silicon density: avcsid1
Avogadro constant - silicon lattice spacing: avcsil1
Avogadro constant - silicon molar mass: avcsim1
Basis set expansions: bse1
Bethe logarithm: blog1
binding energies: be1
Blackbody radiation effects: bre1
Bloch oscillations: bo1
Bohr magneton: bm1
Boltzmann constant: bc1
Bose condensate: bcon1
Bound-electron g-factor one-photon qed: begfop1
Breakdown of quantum Hall effect: qhebd1
Breit-Rabi formula: br1
Calculation of Feynman diagrams: cfd1
Candela/ photometry/ radiometry: cd1
Casimir effect: ce1
Charge , parity, time reversal symmetry: cpt1
Coefficient of thermal expansion: cte1
Complex atomic spectra theory: cast1
Compton wavelength - cesium: cwlcs1
Compton wavelength - electron: cwle1
Compton wavelength - neutron: cwln1
Compton wavelength - other: cwlo1
Compton wavelength-rubidium: cwlrb1
Continued fraction calculation: cfc1
Convergence of sequences: cos1
Coulomb gauge quantum electrodynamics: cgqed1
Coulomb Green function: cgf1
Coulomb matrix elements: cme1
Coulomb matrix elements: na1
Coulomb matrix elements: qheth1
Coulomb matrix elements: vfsc1
Coulomb matrix elements: zeha1
cycle, angle, radian, Hz: carHz1
Delbruck scattering: ds1
Density: d1
deuterium molecular ion: dmi1
Deuterium molecule: D2mol1
Deuteron g-factor in deuterium: gdd1
Deuteron magnetic moment/ g-factor: gd1
Deuteron mass: md1
deuteron rms charge radius: dcr1
Dielectric constant gas thermometry: dcgt1
Dielectric permittivity: diep1
Dimensional analysis: da1
Dirac equation identities: dei1
Dirac reduced Greens function: drgf1
Direct frequency comb spectroscopy: dfcs1
Dressed states: drst1
E1-M1 interference: emi1
Educational article: ed1
Electrical units: eu1
Electric dipole moment: edm1
Electric polarizability: elpol1
Electron anomalous magnetic moment/ (g-2)/2: ae1
Electron g-factor in deuterium: gjd1
Electron g-factor in hydrogen: gjh1
Electron g-factor in other systems: gjos1
Electron magnetic moment/ g-factor: ge1
Electron mass: me1
Elementary charge: e1
Energy levels other: elo1
Exponential integral calculation: eic1
Faraday constant: fc1
Farad/ capacitance: farad1
Fine-structure constant (alpha): al1
Fine structure other: fso1
Forbidden radiative transitions: frt1
Frequency combs: frco1
Fundamental constants - general/ metrology: fcgm1
Gamma-ray wavelengths: grwl1
gas thermometry: gth1
Gauges in quantum electrodynamics: gqed1
Gaussian quadrature: gq1
General relativity and clocks: grc1
Gravitational acceleration/ little g: lg1
Gravitational inverse square law: gisl1
Gravity: gr1
Greens function: gf1
Harmonic polylogarithms: hpl1
Helion g-factor in helium3: ghh1
Helion gyromagnetic ratio - low field: hgrlf1
Helium energy levels: heel1
Helium fine structure: hefs1
Helium hyperfine structure: hehfs1
Helium Lamb shift: hels1
Heliumlike ions: hei1
Heliumlike ions: heli1
Helium molar polarizability: hepol1
Helium plus energy levels: hepel1
Helium plus fine structure: hepfs1
Helium plus hyperfine splitting: hephfs1
Helium plus Lamb shift: hepls1
Helium thermophysical properties: hethpr1
Highly-charged ions: hci1
Hydrogen atom wavefunction: haw1
hydrogen-deuterium molecular ion: hdmi1
hydrogen-deuterium molecule: HDmol1
Hydrogen energy levels: hel1
Hydrogen fine structure: hfs1
Hydrogen hyperfine splitting: hhfs1
Hydrogen Lamb shift: hls1
Hydrogenlike ions: hli1
Hydrogen molecular ion: hmi1
hydrogen molecule: H2mol1
Hydrogen negative ion: hni1
Hyperfine splitting other: hfso1
Hypergeometric functions: hgf1
Inhibition of spontaneous decay: isd1
Input data for 2010 LSA: lsa20101
International System of Units: si1
International temperature scale: its1
ionization energies: ie1
Ion source technology: ionsr1
Josephson effect - Josephson constant (2e/h): jekj1
Josephson effect /liquid helium: jehe1
Josephson effect - other: jeo1
joule balance: jb1
Kaonic atoms: kaat1
Kelvin/ temperature: kel1
Kibble balance: kb1
Kilogram/ mass standards/ weighing: kms1
Lamb shift high Z: lshz1
Lamb shift other: lso1
Laser cooling of atoms or ions: lsrcool1
Laser spectroscopy: lspec1
Lattice basis sets: lbs1
Lattice QCD: lqcd1
Least squares adjustments of constants/ algorithms: lsa1
Light or photon source technology for spectroscopy: lightsr1
Line narrowing techniques: lnt1
Lithium energy levels: liel1
Lithium fine structure: lifs1
Lithiumlike - configuration interaction: lici1
Lithium like energy levels: lilel1
Lithiumlike - hylleraas variables: lihv1
Lithiumlike ions: Lili1
Lorentz transformations: lt1
Low-noise detection methods: lnd1
Magnetic flux quantum: mfq1
Magnetic monopoles: mmon1
Mass ratios: mr1
Mathematics - classical analysis: mca1
Mathematics - generalized functions: mgf1
Mathematics - perturbation theory: mpt1
Mathematics - special functions: msf1
MCDF calculation: mcdf1
Meter/ wavelengths/ distance: mwl1
Molar gas constant: mgc1
molar Planck constant: nah1
Mole/ amount of substance: mol1
Multi-electron atomic code: meac1
Muon anomalous magnetic moment/ (g-2)/2: amu1
Muon anomalous magnetic moment : hadronic: amuhad1
muonic atoms energy levels: muael1
muonic deuterium Lamb shift: mudls1
Muonic deuterium: mud1
muonic helium ions: muhei1
Muonic helium Lamb shift: mhels1
Muonic Helium: muhe1
Muonic hydrogen Lamb shift: muhls1
Muonic Hydrogen: muh1
Muonic ions lamb shift: muils1
Muonic lithium atoms: mulia1
Muonic lithium ions: mulii1
Muonic other atoms: muoa1
Muonium energy levels: muel1
Muonium fine structure: mufs1
Muonium hyperfine splitting: muhfs1
Muonium Lamb shift: muls1
Muon lifetime: mul1
muon light-by-light: muonlbl1
muon magnetic moment anomaly: light-by-light: amulbl1
Muon magnetic moment/ g-factor: gmu1
Muon mass: mmu1
Natural line width: nlw1
Neutron lifetime: nl1
Neutron magnetic moment/ g-factor: gn1
Neutron mass: mn1
New physics beyond the standard model: npbsm1
Newtonian gravitational constant/ big G: bg1
Noise thermometry: noth1
Nuclear charge radius: ncr1
Nuclear electromagnetic radius: ner1
Nuclear magnetic resonance: nmr1
Nuclear magnetic shielding: nms1
Nuclear magneton: nm1
nuclear polarization: nup1
Numerical calculation of two-loop diagrams: nctl1
Ohm/ resistance: ohm1
Parity nonconservation: pn1
particle masses other than electron and proton: pmoep1
Photon localization: phl1
Photon mass: pm1
Photon wave function: pwf1
Pionic atoms: piat1
Planck constant-particle mass quotient: hm1
Planck constant: pc1
Polarization vectors in quantum electrodynamics: pv1
Polylogarithms: pl1
Positronium - cpt tests: pscpt1
Positronium energy levels: psel1
Positronium fine structure: psfs1
Positronium hyperfine splitting: pshfs1
positronium ion (ps + e): psi1
Positronium Lamb shift: psls1
Positronium - lifetime: psl1
Precision frequency measurement: pfm1
Precision spectroscopy: ps1
Properties of antiproton: pap1
properties of positron: posprop1
Proton charge radius: pcr1
Proton - electron mass ratio: mpme1
Proton form factor: pff1
Proton g-factor in hydrogen: gph1
Proton g-factor in water: gph2o1
Proton gyromagnetic ratio - high field: pgrhf1
Proton gyromagnetic ratio - low field: pgrlf1
Proton magnetic moment/ g-factor: gp1
Proton mass: mp1
Proton polarization: prp1
QHE in graphene: graph1
Quantum electrodynamics in terms of field strengths: qedfs1
Quantum electrodynamics: qed1
Quantum Hall effect - other: qheo1
Quantum Hall effect: qhe1
Quantum Hall effect - von Klitzing constant (h/e2): qherk1
Quantum mechanics: qm1
Quantum of mass and fundamental constants: qomfc1
Quantum optics: qo1
Recombination or electron capture by an ion: recomb1
Reformulation of quantum electrodynamics: rqed1
Relative atomic mass - atoms: rama1
Relative atomic mass - elements/ atomic weights: rame1
Relativistic recoil: rr1
renormalization: ren1
Rotation group theory: rgt1
Rydberg constant: ryd1
Rydberg states: rys1
Schroedinger reduced Greens function: srgf1
Schumann resonances: sr1
Second/ frequencies/ time: sf1
Self energy calculation: sec1
Single electron tunneling: set1
Solutions of Maxwell equations: som1
Special functions: spf1
Spectral line shape: sls1
Speed of light: c1
Standard model: sm1
Stefan-Boltzmann constant: sbc1
Sub-natural line width spectroscopy: snlw1
Summation acceleration: sa1
Tau anomalous magnetic moment/ (g-2)/2: atau1
Tau mass: mt1
Tau mass: mtau1
tests of antimatter: toam1
Tests of fundamental symmetries: tfs1
Tests of general relativity: tgr1
Tests of special relativity: tsr1
Thomas-Reiche-Kuhn sum rule: trks1
Time reversal symmetry: tr1
Time variation of constants: tvc1
Trapping of atoms: atmtrap1
Trapping of atoms with lasers: lsrtrap1
Trapping of ions in electric, and magnetic fields or light: iontrap1
Traps - charged particles: tcp1
Traps - neutral particles: tnp1
Treatment of data/ statistics: tds1
Triple point of water: TPW1
triton magnetic moment and g factor: gt1
true muonium hyperfine splitting: tmuhfs1
true muonium hyperfine splitting: trmuhfs1
True muonium: trmu1
two-photon-exchange: tpe1
Uncertainty in measurement: um1
Vacuum polarization: vp1
Vector spherical harmonics: vsh1
Volt/ voltage: volt1
water vapor/helium mixture: h2ohe1
Watt balance: wb1
Watt/ power: watt1
Wave packets: wp1
X-ray wavelengths: xrwl1
Zeeman effect in hydrogenlike atoms: ze1
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