International Program Committee (IPC)

The IPC is composed of up to 24 researchers active in the scientific and technological fields within the scope of the Conference.. The composition of the IPC reflects the geographical distribution of research activities covered by the Conference and is chosen so that it is responsive to the evolution of the subject areas.

The functions of the IPC are to:

Between two consecutive Conferences, the IPC meets approximately one year before the second Conference to discuss the main Conference topics, the subjects of invited talks and speakers, topics for panel discussion and their organizers, and to review the plans of the Local Conference Committee regarding the Conference organization. A second meeting may be called by the IPC chair about four months before the Conference to review the organization of the Conference and provide advice to the Local Conference Committee. The IPC will meet also on the eve of the Conference to receive the final report from the Local Conference Committee and prepare the Conference Business Meeting.

If budgetary constraints prevent holding the first meeting, the corresponding business will be carried out by mail and the decisions/recommendations will be communicated to the Local Conference Committee Chair by the IPC Secretary.

The IPC members are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the Conference at its Business Meeting by the majority of participants present and voting. The IPC members serve for a period that covers two meetings of the Conference and may be re-elected for a second term covering an additional two meetings. The terms of Committee members commence with the end of the Conference during which they are elected.

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