NIST, USA, September 30 - October 4, 2012

Eighth International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications

Invited Talks

Slides for theses presentations can now be downloaded.

Invited Lectures (confirmed speakers)
Name AffiliationLecture Title
Ehud BeharTechnion Israel Institute of Technology, IsraelThe use of atomic data in astrophysics (tentative title)
Laurence CampbellFlinders Univ., AustraliaData needs for simulations of electron-driven processes in planetary and cometary atmospheres
James ColganLos Alamos Laboratory, USALight element opacities of astrophysical interest from ATOMIC
Huyn-Kyung ChungIAEA, Vienna, AustriaCoordinated activities on evaluation of collisional data for fusion applications
Gordon DrakeUniversity of Windsor, CanadaHigh precision atomic data as a measurement tool for halo nuclei: theory
Adam FosterHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USAAtomDB: atomic data for x-ray astrophysics
Satoshi HamaguchiOsaka University, JapanRoles of reactive species in plasma medicine
Per Jönsson Malmö University, Sweden Accurate transition probabilities from large scale multiconfiguration calculations.
Jelle KaastraSRON Utrecht, The NetherlandsSpectral modeling and diagnostics in various astrophysical environments
Igor KaganovichPrinceton Plasma Physics Lab., USAData applications for low temperature plasma (tentative title)
Tim KallmanNASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USAData needs for X-ray satellites (tentative title)
Fumihiro KoikeSaghaono University, JapanData of heavy elements for light sources in EUV and XUV lithography and other applications
David LeckroneNASA HQ, USAThe use of atomic spectroscopy & data in astronomy and other areas of Science (tentative title)
Steve LisgoITER Organization, FranceData Needs for ITER (tentative title)
Stuart LochAuburn University, USAError propagation in atomic models due to input data uncertainties (tentative title)
Oleksandr MarchukForschungszentrum Juelich, GermanyAtomic data for beam-stimulated plasma spectroscopy in fusion plasmas
Shigeru MoritaNIFS, JapanA study of tungsten spectra using Large Helical Device and Compact Electron Beam Ion Trap in NIFS
H. S. P. MuellerUniv. Köln, GermanyThe CDMS view on molecular data needs of Herschel, SOFIA, and ALMA
N. NakamuraUniversity of Electro-Communications(Tokyo)EBIT spectroscopy of highly charged heavy ions relevant to hot plasmas
Wilfried NörtershäuserJohannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and GSI, GermanyHigh precision atomic data for halo nuclei and related nuclear structure
Zoran PetrovicInstitute of Physics, University of BelgradeData for modeling of positron collisions and transport in gases
Ronald PhaneufUniversity of NevadaCross-section measurements with interacting beams
Juliet PickeringImperial College London, UKNew laboratory atomic spectroscopic measurements with applications from astrophysics to industrial analytical applications
Thomas PütterichMax Planck Institut für Plasma Physik Garching, GermanyTungsten spectroscopy in magnetic confinement fusion
Yizhi QuGraduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, ChinaCharge transfer cross section calculations and evaluations
Laurence RothmanHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USAThe HITRAN molecular database
Daniel SavinColumbia University, USALaboratory studies of primordial chemistry and implications for first star formation
Stefan SchippersGiessen University, GermanyStorage-ring measurements of hyperfine induced and two-photon transition rates in berylliumlike ions
Hajime TanumaTokyo Univ., JapanCharge exchange spectroscopy of multiply charged ions of industrial and astrophysical interest
Jonathan TennysonUniversity College London, UKMolecular line lists for exoplanets and other atmospheres
E. TiemannUniv. Hannover, GermanyRenaissance in diatomic spectroscopy
Andreas WolfHeidelberg University, GermanyStorage ring experiments on electron-molecular ion interactions