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3 Data Production

3.1 Atomic Structure and Spectroscopy

The Platinum Group Ion Project  (109k) V. Azarov, S. Churilov, R. Kildiyarova, A. Ryabtsev, A. Raassen, P. Uylings, Y. Joshi, L. Tchang-Brillet, and J. F. Wyart  Abstract

An Integrated Approach to Bound and Continuum States: Application to Beryllium-like Ions  (95k)

K. Berrington and J. Pelan  Abstract

Efficient Method to Account for Correlation Effects when Generating Atomic Parameters for Complex Atoms  (24k)

P. Bogdanovich, G. Gaigalas, and Z. Rudzikas  Abstract

Relativistic Calculations in the Arsenic Sequence: Fine-Structure Transitions  (107k)

E. Charro and I. Martin  Abstract

A Project for Large-Scale Stark Broadening Data Production: Ca IX and Ca X Spectral Lines  (98k)

M. Dimitrijevic and S. Sahal-Bréchot  Abstract

Atomic Database for C I from C II  (130k)

J. Dubau, T. Kato, and U.I. Safronova  Abstract

Accurate MCHF/MCDF Transition Rates  (128k)

C. Fischer, P. Jönsson, and S. Fritzsche  Abstract

Secondly Quantized Multi-Configurational Approach for Atomic Databases  (121k)

G. Gaigalas and Z. Rudzikas  Abstract

Polarization Profile Calculations for Plasma Diagnostics  (75k)

M.Á. González and M.A. Gigosos  Abstract

Laboratory Measurements of Resonant Contributions to Fe XXIV Line Emission  (124k)

M. Gu, P. Beiersdorfer, G. Brown, S. Kahn, D. Liedahl, K. Reed, and D. Savin  Abstract

Modeling Electromagnetic Interactions in Quantized Electronic Systems  (16k)

V.L. Jacobs

Relativistic Oscillator Strengths in Chlorine  (29k)

I. Martín, C. Lavín, and A. Velasco  Abstract

Oscillator Strengths of Rydberg Transitions  (110k)

W. Mende and M. Kock  Abstract

Atomic Data for Lighting Applications,  and  Fig. 1  (83k)

G. Nave, C. Sansonetti, and J. Reader  Abstract

Investigation of the Autoionization Spectra of Samarium from 48,800 cm-1 to 51,200 cm-1  (106k)

H. Park, H. C. Kim, Y. J. Rhee, and J. Lee  Abstract

Upgrading the Atomic and Molecular Database for Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics by Fourier Transform Spectroscopy  (150k)

J.C. Pickering, R. Schermaul, G. Cox, J. Rufus, A.P. Thorne, and R.C.M. Learner  Abstract

Calculations of Oscillator Strengths for Singly Ionized Iron Group Elements by Means of the Orthogonal Operator Approach  (88k)

A. Raassen and P. Uylings

Autoionizing Rates for Excited States of Many-Electron Ions  (109k)

U.I. Safranova and W.R. Johnson  Abstract

Complete Atomic Database for Autoionizing Levels of B-like Ions with Z = 6-54  (128k)

U.I. Safronova, A.S. Shlyaptseva, M. Cornille, and J. Dubau  Abstract

Inner-shell Excitation Energies for C-, N-, O-, and F-like Ions with Z = 6-54  (111k)

U.I. Safronova and A.S. Shlyaptseva  Abstract

Accurate Lifetime Measurements of Fine-Structure States of Neutral Lithium by Beam-Gas-Laser-Spectroscopy  (142k)

A. Schmitt, U. Volz, and H. Schmoranzer  Abstract

Accurate Atomic Data for S I, S II, S III  (19k)

S. Tayal  Abstract

Precise Atomic Lifetimes Measured at a Heavy-Ion Storage Ring  (27k)

E. Träbert  Abstract

Light Ion Absorption, Probed with High Spatial, Temporal, and Spectral Resolution: The Spectrum of C II  and  Fig. 3  (128k)

P. Villoresi and P. Nicolosi  Abstract

Systematic Studies of the n=2 to n=3,4 Transitions in the Ions of Elements Cu through As Isoelectronic with Li I through Na I Produced by Laser Irradiation  (84k)

J.F. Wyart, T. Missalla, J.C. Gauthier, and C. Chenais-Popovics  Abstract

Self-Consistent Sets of Oscillator Strength for Ultraviolet Lines in C I, S I, and Ni II  (130k)

J. Zsargó, S. Federman, and J. Cardelli  Abstract


3.2 Collisions

Electron Impact Ionization and Surface Induced Reactions of Fusion Plasma Edge Constituents  (22k) K. Becker, F. Biasioli, G. Denifl, H. Deutsch, T. Fiegele, V. Grill, T. Märk, C. Mair, S. Matt, D. Muigg, P. Scheier, M. Sonderegger, A. Stamatovic, and R. Wörgötter  Abstract

The Role of Electron Impact Ionization Cross Sections in Low-Temperature Plasmas  (21k)

K. Becker, V. Tarnovsky, H. Deutsch, and T. Märk  Abstract

Atomic Data: Energy Levels, Transition Rates, and Collision Strengths; An Example of Mg VIII  (17k)

A. Bhatia  Abstract

Collisional and Spectroscopic Data Relevant to the Fundamental Processes in Plasmas Containing Si-Organic Admixtures  (21k)

R. Foest, R. Basner, M. Schmidt, P. Kurunczi, and K. Becker  Abstract

Measurements of the Absolute Cross Sections of Inelastic Processes for Slow Atomic Collisions  (104k)

M. Gochitashvili, B. Kikiani, and R. Lomsadze

Ionization, Charge Transfer, and Stripping Cross Sections for Alkali Metal Ion Collisions with Inert Gas Atoms and H2 and N2 Molecules in the 0.5 - 7.0 keV Energy Range  (236k)

B.I. Kikiani, R.A. Lomsadze

Atomic Data for Recombination Calculations  (222k)

R. Kisielius, P. Storey, and A. Davey  Abstract

Unified Electron-Ion Recombination Cross Sections and Rates  (133k)

S. Nahar, H. Zhang, and A. Pradhan  Abstract

K-Matrix Correction of B, CB Cross-Sections  (116k)

L. Vainshtein  Abstract

The Iron Project (OSU): Large-Scale Computations of Atomic Data  (288k)

H. Zhang, M. Bautista, S. Nahar, P. Romano, and A. Pradhan  Abstract


3.3 Molecules

Ultraviolet Emission in the Dissociation of N2 and O2 by K+ Impact  (81k) M. Gochitashvili, B. Kikiani, R. Kvizhinadze, and N. Jaliashvili

Electron Collision Cross Sections for the CF4 Molecule by Electron Swarm Study  (181k)

Y. Hayashi and Y. Nakamura  Abstract

Inelastic Cross Sections for the C3F8 Molecule from Electron Transport Coefficients in C3F8-Ar Mixtures  (82k)

B.H. Jeon and Y. Nakamura  Abstract

Accurate ab initio Calculation of Molecular Constants  (113k)

S. Kotochigova and I. Tupitsyn  Abstract

Electron Collisions with Small Molecules  (146k)

B. McLaughlin, C. Ballance, D. Thompson, K. Berrington, and P. Burke  Abstract

Review of the Electronic Structure of Molecular Oxygen  (226k)
This paper was inadvertently omitted from the printed version of this document

J. Morrill, M. Ginter, B. Lewis, and S. Gibson  Abstract

Electron Transport Coefficients in C2F6-Ar Mixtures and Inelastic Cross Sections for the C2F6 Molecule  (174k)

H. Okumo and Y. Nakamura  Abstract

Validation of Ozone Infrared Line Intensities  (79k)

M. Smith  Abstract

Hyperfine Structure Constants for Diatomic Molecules  (127k)

I. Tupitsyn and S. Kotochigova  Abstract

Posters: Databases, Data Needs, Data production